Europe 1 Month Itinerary – 5 great options to help you plan the perfect trip!

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Europe we love you! This guide will provide insight into some of our favourite places on the continent, and give you five amazing one month itineraries for Europe to help fuel your wanderlust and planning! We have spent almost a year of travel time in Europe, including 6 months full time, making us uniquely qualified to provide some tips on amazing one month itineraries. Read on for great recommendations, proposed itineraries, travel pics, and a few tips for when planning your travels! Additionally, we will link to many of our other great travel guides at the end of this article!

A few key tips when planning to travel Europe for 1 month:

  • Be realistic: One month might sound like a lot, but once you start locking in destinations, you will realize that it’s not actually that long. So be realistic! You won’t get to all of your bucket-list destinations in one short trip, or if you do, you’ll finish the holiday exhausted and wanting a break.
  • Prioritise your MUST DO’s: Following on from the point above, prioritise the locations you ‘just can’t miss’, and base your trip around these destinations or locations. You might have 1-2 locations you’re really keen to visit, then investigate other areas in the same or nearby countries.
  • Travel days suck: Seriously.. these will chew up your 1 month pretty fast! For a ‘shorter trip’ like one month, we would advise to minimise larger travel days, in particular, travel days where you have to fly between locations. While a flight might say ‘1 hour’, that doesn’t take into account the distance to and from airports (often 30-60 minutes), the 2-3 hours arriving early at the airport, disembarking and waiting for luggage (30-60mins)… suddenly that 1 hour flight is now half a day. If you are planning on jumping around, look for trains, ferries, or hire a car. These options are all much more practical and better on time.
  • Planning is key: When having a time-limited trip like one month, we highly advise having some planning and preparation. On a on month trip, missing a key train, flight or ferry could cost you 1-2 days and mean you miss a key destination, while on a 2-3 month trip this may not be as much of an issue. Read blogs (like 2 Cups of Travel), books, watch videos and research a little in advance. This will mean your trip can be spent enjoying!
  • Book in advance: Booking in advance is very important, particularly during shorter trip in peak season. We would advise booking things that would ‘make or break’ this trip, e.g. key flights/transport, car hire, tickets to shows/attractions. In peak season, these will often sell out in advance, so be prepared.

Five great ‘1 Month Europe Itineraries‘ to help fuel your wanderlust

Note: these are just examples, and designed to help inspire your travel planning! If you have questions, or want to know more, comment below or read onto some of our more detailed articles!

Itinerary #1: Croatia & The Balkans

You’re set for a truly incredible month. The Balkans remains one of our favourite regions in Europe, boasting amazing beaches, great history, tasty food and lots to do. However, let’s be realistic, you’re not going to ‘see everything’. This itinerary is centred around the stunning Croatian coast with some trips into key destinations nearby. This is similar to how we spent an amazing month in June-July 2022. Use it as inspiration, and it could easily be completed in reverse, or added to other parts of a trip!


  • Lake Bled
  • Zagreb
  • Plitvice Lakes
  • Zadar
  • Croatian Islands
  • Makarska
  • Mostar
  • Dubrovnik
  • Kotor


  • Trains x 1
  • Busses x 6
  • Car x 1
  • Ferry x 1-3

Stop 1: Lake Bled – Slovenia 2-3 nights

Fly into Ljubljana, Slovenia and head straight to the picturesque region of Lake Bled. This is truly one of our favourite locations in Europe, and a definite hidden gem! Spend 2-3 nights here, and either head to Ljubljana for a night or straight to Zagreb.

Stop 2: Zagreb – 1 night

This is more of a ‘pit stop’ rather than ‘must stop’. Getting from Lake Bled to the Croatian coast can be a little bit effortful, so you can either stop through Zagreb via bus/train (option 1), or fly straight from Ljubljana to Zadar or Split (option 2).

Stop 3: Plitvice Lakes – 1 night

Arrive near the famous Plitvice Lakes in the evening and stay very close to the park entrance. We advise you hire a car from Zagreb so you can wake early, head to the park entrance before it opens, and go in as early as you can (e.g. 7am). This was you will beat the crowds and be deep into the park before the busses role up around 10 or 11am. After you spend half a day in Plitvice, head down to Zadar.

Stop 4: Zadar – 1-2 nights

While not a ‘must do’, this charming Croatian town is definitely underrated. We would advise a 1-2 night stay here before making your way down to Split to head to the famous Croatian Islands. If you’re looking to cut a few things off your list, Zadar may be one and you could spend a night in Split instead.

Stop 5: Croatian Islands 5-7 days

Arrive in Split, don’t spend a night, and head straight for the islands. Consider between the main 3 islands:

  • Hvar: impressive old town, great for partying, expensive.
  • Brac: good for adventures, great beaches, harder to get around.
  • Vis: small, relaxed, great to unwind and for romantic stays.

Spend at least a 5 days on one or multiple of the islands. We stayed on Vis for a week and highly recommend it (see Vis guide here) but have also visited Brac and Hvar before. If you’re wanting to spend longer on the islands, consider cutting out the start or end of this itinerary.

Stop 6: Makarska 2-4 nights

This coastal Croatian town is the perfect stop for everyone. Boasting a wonderful coastline with a jawdropping mountain background, Makarska is a beautiful destination. Spend 2-4 nights here, relax, cliff jump, eat great food, and indulge in water activities if you choose. See our Makarska guide here!

Stop 7: Mostar – 1-2 nights

Mostar might seem like an effort to get to, but it’s worth it! Catch a bus from Makarska to Mostar in Bosnia (or drive if you have a car) and stay for 1-2 nights. This old town is full of history, culture, great food and beautiful views! The highlight is definitely the old bridge! If you want to extend you stay in Bosnia, consider heading further to the capital, Sarajevo.

Stop 8: Dubrovnik – 2-4 nights

One of the most popular and impressive cities in Europe, Dubrovnik is busy but worth it! Spend 2-4 nights here enjoying the old town, cliff jumping and atmosphere of this great city (see our Dubrovnik guide here).

Stop 9: Kotor – 2-4 nights

This Balkan gem is seriously underrated! Kotor is located a few hours south of Dubrovnik, best reached via bus or car. Plan to spend 3 nights here, enjoying the quaint old town, hike to see amazing views, and swim in the beautiful Bay of Kotor. See our Kotor guide here including some great food recommendations!

Want to add more? Consider heading down to the Albanian Riviera (see guide here) or into Eastern Europe (e.g. Lake Ohrid, Romania).

Itinerary #2: Italy

italy one month travel itinerary europe

Italy we love you! What an amazing country. Filled with incredible food, culture and beautiful destinations! We have visited many times, and Tess is Italian, meaning we have lots of insight into the stunning country! Take a look at our proposed 1 month Italian Itinerary.


  • Venice
  • Bologna
  • Florence
  • Tuscany
  • Rome
  • Puglia
  • Sicily / Malta / Calabrian Region


  • Trains x 3-4
  • Car x 1
  • Flights x 1

Stop #1: Venice – 2 nights

It’s popular, cliché, hyped up.. but worth it! Don’t spend that long in Venice, but a few nights it enough to get a taste of the great city!

Option Extras:

  • Lake Bled – 2-3 nights: Located east of Venice, Lake Bled is a stunning region we think should be on everyone’s list! It’s easily reachable from Venice with a car, bus or pre-arranged transport.
  • Dolomites – 1-2 weeks: While we haven’t visited yet, from what we have seen and heard, it should be high on your list. The incredible mountains and views look like something out of a movie. One to highly consider.
Stop #2: Bologna – 1 night

Catch a short train from Venice to Bologna and enjoy the ‘foodie capital of Italy’. Known for amazing food, this is likely worth a short (but tasty) stop.

Stop #3: Florence 2 nights

The impressive Florence is definitely worth a visit. Filled with amazing food, impressive architecture, and Italian charm, stay a few nights and enjoy the atmosphere before heading down to Tuscany.

Stop #4: Tuscany – 3-8 days

Tuscany is a beautiful hilly and winery laden region dotted with small towns. We loved our brief visit and can’t wait to explore further!

  • Must Do: Explore the northern part of Tuscany, including San Gimignano, Lucca, Moteriggioni and stay in the delightful Castello Vicchiomaggio (see here).
  • Optional Extra #1: Head into southern Tuscany, stopping through Montepulciano and the Saturnia hot springs. See a guide here.
  • Optional Extra #2: Complete only a northern part of Tuscany and then head to Cinque Terre for 3-5 nights. See our Cinque Terre guide here.
Stop #5: Rome 2-4 nights

Rome is another seriously impressive city. It’s worth a stop, but maybe only a brief one. If you are visiting in summer, be prepared Rome will be very warm. However, we think despite the heat it’s worth a visit, and in cooler months you’ll likely want to stay even longer. See our stay in Rome here!

Stop #6: Puglia 1-2 weeks

Stay at least a week in one of our favourite parts of Europe, Puglia! Start in the impressive Polignano a Mare, then visit a multitude of smaller towns including Gallipoli, Alberobello, Ostuni, Monopoli, Otranto and more. See our Puglia itinerary guide below.

Stop #7: Pick your Adventure

Spend your final week in one of either Sicily, the Calabrian region/coastline, or Malta. Be prepared that in peak of summer all of these regions are very warm. They also make perfect shoulder season destinations.

  • Option #1: Sicily
  • Option #2: Calabria region
  • Option #3: Malta

Itinerary #3: Eastern Europe

eastern europe one month travel intinerary

Eastern Europe is seriously underrated! We spent around 6 weeks in the region and highly recommend others to visit! A month is the perfect time to experience this region and the diverse range of experiences it offers.


  • Prague
  • Budapest
  • Belgrade
  • Lake Ohrid
  • Skopje
  • Sofia
  • Bucharest
  • Transylvania


  • Trains x 3
  • Busses x 2
  • Flights x 2

Stop #1: Prague – 2-4 nights

Prague isn’t truly ‘eastern Europe’, but it’s a great gateway and one of our favourite big cities in Europe! Spend a handful of delightful days in exploring the charming city (see Prague guide here) before catching a train to the equally impressive Budapest.

Stop #2: Budapest – 2-4 nights

Calling Budapest one of the foodie capitals of Europe might be contreversial, but we loved our stay and the cuisine we tried! Filled with excellent cafes, bars (see the ruin bars!) and restaurants, Budapest is a great pick. Pair this with impressive old-town architecture and you have yourself and excellent stay!

Stop #3: Belgrade 2-4 nights

The Serbian capital is supposed to be one of the most impressive cities in eastern Europe. We haven’t visited yet, but after talking to fellow travellers, it’s high on our list! It makes a good stop on the way across eastern Europe and is one of the few places that flies directly to Lake Ohrid.

Stop #4: Lake Ohrid – 3-7 nights

Lake Ohrid is a true hidden gem in Europe! If you visit in summer, spend a few extra nights, but it would likely have charm for most of the year. Friendly locals, and great promenade, and good food. Plus, Lake Ohrid is very affordable!

Optional Extra/Alternative Route: This is the time you could divert from going further east and head south into Albania (another seriously underrated region).

Stop #5: Skopje – 1-2 nights

This quirky city is worth a brief stop, and it is the best way to exit out of Lake Ohrid. See our thoughts on Skopje here. Spend only 1 or 2 nights here before heading to Sofia via bus.

Stop #6: Sofia – 1-3 nights

Sofia is an underrated city that is on its way up. Filled with street art, cool cafes, and an edgy-yet-cool atmosphere, Sofia is worth exploring. Enjoy a brief stay here and consider the free food tours to enjoy more of the cuisine and city (see our Sofia guide here).

Optional Extra: consider adding a day trip or short stay into the beautiful Bulgarian countryside and monasteries (e.g. Rila Monastery).

Stop #7: Bucharest – 1-2 nights

Another up and coming city which has an edgy vibe but lots to offer is Bucharest. Fly in from Sofia on a budget flight and stay for 1-2 nights. Enjoy the world-class coffee and Parisian style architecture. Use Bucharest as your starting point before one of the highlights of the trip.. Transylvania!

Stop #8: Transylvania – 1 week

Spend a wonderful week in the one of the more underrated locations in Europe, Transylvania. We recommend basing yourself in Brasov and exploring the nearby towns, mountains and more! While you could easily get a taste of the region in 3-4 days, we would encourage a little longer.

Itinerary #4: Scandinavia

Scandinavian road trip one month travel itinerary

The clean, calm and sophisticated nature of Scandinavian countries, paired with the friendly nature of locals, means this region is a wonderful holiday destination! We recommend visiting in summer (this itinerary), however winter travel is popular for the northern lights (not focus of this guide). If you visit in 2024 you may even cross paths with us.. stay tuned for our 2024 travel plans!


  • Copenhagen
  • Malmo
  • Gothenburg
  • Oslo
  • Bergen
  • Northern Norway
  • Stockholm
  • Tallinn


  • Trains x 4-5
  • Flights x 2

Stop #1: Copenhagen – 2-4 nights

Fly into the charming city of Copenhagen. This still one of our favourite cities in Europe, offering so much! Wander the old harbour (Nyhavn), the different areas (including Christiania), see the food markets and much more. See our complete Copenhagen guide here!

Option Extra: Head to the fishing village of Hornbaek, located a few hours north of Copenhagen via train for a day trip or short stay. See our Hornbaek guide here.

Stop #2: Malmo & Gothenburg 1-3 nights

Briefly sample the Swedish cities of Malmo and/or Gothenburg on your way up to Oslo via train. Filled with great cafes, architecture and friendly locals, they are worth a visit on the way up.

Stop #3: Oslo 2-3 nights

Your entry into the delightful country on Norway. Sample Norway before heading north to the main attraction.. the fjords and nature!

Option Extra: Stop past the charming and increasingly popular Stavanger along the coastline.

Stop #4: Bergen 2-5 nights

Bergen is situated in an excellent area to complete day trips to nearby towns. Located amongst the fjords, Bergen is a must stop in Norway. There is a strong argument to suggest hiring a car here and working your way up north over the next week stopping at popular destinations and hikes.

Stop #5: Northern Norway / Lofoten Islands / Faroe Islands / Iceland

Head north to the fringes of the artic circle. Northern Norway including Lofoten Islands represents a great way to see incredible nature, experience the charming fishing villages and day trip along the coast.

Stop #6: Stockholm – 2-4 nights

Considered one of the underrated cities in Europe, Stockholm sits amongst and archipelago of islands where you can visit via ferry to day trip or stay. The foodie and cafe scene is highly regarded, and in summer this city is buzzing with action.

Stop #7: Tallinn – 2-3 nights

We consider this a hidden gem of Europe.. and we haven’t even visited yet! The guides we have read about Tallinn have us super excited to visit! The well preserved old town and lack of crowds compared to comparable European cities is a definite appeal.

Optional Extras:

  • Helsinki
  • Poland

Itinerary #5: 2 Cups of Travel ‘All Stars’

europe travel itinerary one month bucket list

Okay, this might be a little bit more moving around to different regions, but lock into a one month trip to some of our favourite places in Europe! Be prepared to jump around, but you’ll have an amazing month! Spend around 1 week in 4 of our favourite locations in the continent!


  • Lisbon
  • Switzerland – Jungfrau Region
  • Puglia
  • Croatian Islands


  • Trains x 2-4
  • Flights x 4
  • Car x 1
  • Ferries: 1-3
Stop #1: Lisbon – 3-5 nights

Stop in one of our favourite cities in Europe, Lisbon! Filled with all of the good things that a big city should offer, including great food, culture, architecture, views, night life and more! See our Lisbon guide below.

Optional Extra: Spend longer in Portugal and visit some of The Algarve, Porto, Coimbra or Sintra.

Stop #2: Switzerland – Jungfrau region 4-7 nights

Another of our favourite regions in Europe is the Jungfrau in Switzerland. Filled with jaw dropping views, great hikes, cute towns and lots to explore. See our Jungfrau guide below.

Stop #3: Puglia – 4-7 nights

This region of Italy boast so many highlights and great memories for us! Think cute small towns, beautiful beaches and coastlines, tasty seafood, friendly locals and lots to explore! Read our Puglia itineraries below.

Stop #4: Croatian Islands – 4-7 nights

The islands of Croatia hit different! With some of the best water and beaches around, these are true bucket list destinations. We spend an amazing week on Vis Island (see guide below), but have found that most of these islands are incredible!

Optional Extras:

  • Lake Bled 2-4 nights
  • Albanian Riviera 3-7 nights
  • Tuscany 3-7 nights
  • Prague / Budapest 2-4 nights
  • Transylvania 4-7 nights

Want to read a little more Europe?

Plan and prepare!

A bit of perspective?

Booking Accommodation in Europe:

Top Tip: get in early! The good stuff often gets booked out fast! This is particularly true for ‘cheaper’ gems in popular locations or the smaller locations.

Further Tips:

  • Stay close to the action! Depending on how long you are staying, we would urge you to avoid lengthy transportation in/out of the cities and stay near the heart of the action!
  • Research where to stay beforehand – staying in the ‘centre’ of the city isn’t always the best call. In some cities where you stay makes a massive difference, e.g. we recommend staying the Le Marais in Paris (vs the touristic heart).
  • How far away is your accommodation from the train station (or transport options)? This may not stop you from booking somewhere, but it’s definitely a consideration.

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