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After over 7 months of travelling Europe together, and many more solo Europe adventures, we have seen and ‘ticked off’ many of Europe’s amazing places. We still have some incredible places still on our Europe list (thinking of you Malta, Sardinia, Poland, Gotland (Sweden), Norway, Iceland, Faroe Islands, Madeira, Finland, San Sebastian, and more), however are very lucky and grateful to have seen more of Europe than many do in their lifetimes. We think it is a good measure of a place when you can visit and rate it highly enough that you want to return back! The list below are some of our favourite locations in Europe! These are places that we can’t wait to return to visit in our future travels.

Destinations in Europe we would love to return back to!

Gordes – France

The charming French town of Gordes is one of the top places to visit in the south of France. It will also hold a special place in our hearts, as it is the location we got engaged in 2022. We both declared that we will find a way to return, likely for an anniversary in the future. If you are looking to visit the south of France, Gordes should definitely be near the top of the list. See our South of France highlights and recommendations here!

Lake Bled – Slovenia

The picturesque Lake Bled is one of our favourite places in Europe. We visited in June 2022 for a couple of days, and left wanting so much more. In retrospect, we wished we spent another few days in this beautiful location. Therefore, we both have a burning desire to return. Lake Bled is a perfect shoulder season destination, but also during summer. Lake Bled is slightly ‘off the radar’, but is surging in popularity. We definitely recommend you should visit! Take a look at our stay in Lake Bled!

Puglia – Italy

Italy will always be a favourite for us. The mixture of great food, culture, unique experiences, coastlines, and of course.. Tess’s family heritage. Our favourite part of Italy was Puglia, the ‘heel of the boot’ down on the south east coast. This part of Italy is definitely ‘less touristy’, and felt a lot more authentic than some other parts that have been overrun with travellers. Puglia is a popular destination for Italian tourists in summer, and we can see why. We will endeavour to return, particularly to visit the beautiful town of Polignano a Mare, and are also keen to visit Otranto which we missed last time. Check out recommendations for visiting Puglia here!

Kotor – Montenegro

The charming town of Kotor is situated at the base of the mountains beside the expansive Bay of Kotor. We visited for 3 days and it definitely was not enough. Offering hikes, beaches, cute old towns, day trips and budget friendly options, Kotor is somewhere we would love to return to. See moments from our visit to Kotor here!

Copenhagen – Denmark:

The Danish city of Copenhagen is sophisticated, classy, and has this ‘cool vibe’ we just fell in love with. Apart from the weather in winter, Copenhagen was one of the most ‘liveable’ cities we visited. Our week long stop in Scandinavia has wet our appetite and we want more! We are both keen to return to Scandinavia during Europe summer to re-visit Copenhagen, and see many more of the countries in the region. Check out our guide to Copenhagen here!

Kas – Turkey

The stunning seaside town of Kas definitiely surprised us. Located along the Turkish Riviera, Kas is somewhere we will definitely return to. Offering the perfect mix of relaxation, beaches, good food, and budget friendly options, Kas ‘had it all’ for a summer holiday destination. Kas is also a perfect shoulder season destination to ‘prolong summer’. Take a look at all the moments from our Kas stay here!

Jungfrau Region – Switzerland

The mountaneous Jungfrau region of Switzerland blew our mind! We knew Switzerland was beautiful, however our expectations were definitely exceeded. With some of the best hikes we have ever done, coupled with cute towns, we want more! Despite the costly nature of visiting Switzerland, we will definitely be back! Take a look at our visit and recommendations for the Jungfrau region!

Lisbon – Portugal

There aren’t many ‘big cities’ on this list, as we prefer smaller towns and beachside locations. However, Lisbon made a big impression on us during our 2019 visit. We tried to squeeze it in during out 2022 trip, but ran out of Schengen days. However, that won’t stop us.. we definitely want to return! Lisbon boasts great culture & history, wonderful food, charming old towns, lots of day trips, and of course Pastel De Nata! See our Lisbon recommendations here!

Note: Just because we haven’t included destinations on this list doesn’t mean they aren’t worthy of visiting. This list is just of a few of the locations we loved so much that we must return! We would love to hear what locations you have visited and would love to return to!

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