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2 Cups of Travel is a travel and adventure blog curated by Ky and Tess, Australian-based travel enthusiasts. The project was born from a desire to experience the world, sharing our journey as we go. Think of this blog like our little online travel journal. Within 2 Cups of Travel are articles, memories and tips based upon our experiences.

Ky and Tess are Melbourne (AUS) based physiotherapists with a love of travel. In 2022 we decided to leave our jobs, book a plane ticket overseas, and immerse ourselves in culture, food and sunshine. Prior to 2022, we have travelled together to Vietnam (2018) and Portugal (2019), along with parts of Australia. Prior to meeting in 2016, both had travelled to Europe, Asia, USA, Central America and Australia. 

The content of our website and social media channels is broadly travel-related. However, we both love exploring smaller towns and tend to create more content around this. Additionally, we love hidden gems, and underrated finds, thus this is also part of our regular content. Those that regularly read the articles will realize both of us are avid coffee lovers, thus we can point you in the direction of excellent caffeine hits. We also love to share travel hacks and tips to save you time, effort and money.

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Ky Wynne:

Personal Instagram: @kywynne

Favourite Countries So Far: Portugal, Croatia, Italy, Slovenia, Mexico, Denmark

Countries Travelled So Far: Australia, USA, Mexico, Indonesia, Portugal, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Spain, Vietnam, France, Morocco, England, Slovenia, Italy, Croatia, Montenegro, Greece, Albania, Hungary, Czech Republic, Denmark, Sweden, North Macedonia, Bulgaria, Romania, Turkey, Switzerland, Austria, Scotland, Belgium, Netherlands

Tessa Rafaniello:

Tess Byron Bay Sunset

Personal Instagram: @tessarafaniello

Favourite Country So Far: Portugal, Italy, Slovenia, Denmark

Countries Travelled So Far: Australia, USA, Mexico, Portugal, Spain, Vietnam, Macau, Italy, Fiji, New Zealand, Canada, Indonesia, China, Thailand, Switzerland, France, Greece, Morocco, England, Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Albania, Hungary, Czech Republic, Denmark, Sweden, North Macedonia, Bulgaria, Romania, Turkey, Germany, Austria, Scotland, Belgium, Netherlands

Join us on adventures around our home-town of Melbourne, Australia, providing you a ‘locals’ insight into our beautiful city. Jump into our suitcase as we jet over to Europe and explore the world! We love to stay engaged, so please join our socials, comment on our posts, and give us recommendations of where you think we should visit next!