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Hey there! Thanks for coming along for the 2 Cups Of Travel journey with us! As you probably know, we are Ky and Tess, Australian travel lovers! We left our jobs in 2022 to venture overseas, deciding to share and document our travels as an online diary. We also hope that our content can be a resource for others to help enrich and guide their own travels.

Many people may not realize the time and cost associated with running a website and channel such as this. While we choose to do this voluntarily, there are cost associated, namely creating and running the website, and purchasing the equipment we need (e.g. drone etc). We also paused our careers and self funded our overseas adventures.

Why are we posting this? If you enjoy our content, and have benefited in someway from what we have created, please consider supporting us through the following methods below. And don’t worry.. most of the support don’t require any financial contribution!


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If you haven’t already, follow our Instagram channel (@2cupsoftravel). This is where we will be most active! You can also check out our other social platforms like Youtube and subscribe or engage. The best way to help us succeed is through commenting, sharing or liking our content, which helps others to also see and benefit from it!

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If you have enjoyed out content, then consider sharing the link with someone else you think may enjoy it. If you know someone about to travel to a destination that we have documented about, send them the link! We will appreciate it and it may even help them plan the perfect holiday!

Link: “

Use our affiliate links

Affiliate links can sometimes get a bad wrap, however in our case, they don’t change anything for you, and give us a little bit of support. We will often list affiliate links in some of our posts. If you choose to use them and book your accommodation or purchase something through them, they won’t increase the cost for you. All that will happen is we will receive a small percentage of the booking. We also understand if you choose not to use the links!

Main Link referral link:

  • We will continue to recommend great accommodation that we stay in! Our goal is to share with others the ‘hidden gems’ we find! If you rate our recommendations, we’d love you to book through our link as a way of saying ‘thank you’.
Other Links

GDome underwater phone case referral link:

  • This is an excellent way for you to ‘upgrade your photo game’.

GoOpti private and shared shuttle transport:

  • Use this link “” or this code “RFLIESW84AX3” for a €5 discount on your booking.

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If you follow our page and value our content, consider saying thanks by “buying us a coffee”. Check out We send a massive thanks to those that have already supported us in this way!

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