6 of our favourite ‘big cities’ in Europe

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Europe is an incredible continent, boasting a multitude of history, culture, amazing architecture, stunning beaches, delicious food, wonderful locals and so much more to explore! One of the biggest attractions to tourists in Europe are the big cities, filled with history and a lot to do! Additionally, while we prefer exploring the smaller towns and beachside destinations, we thoroughly enjoyed visiting some of the best big cities in Europe! We have complied a list of our favourite ‘big cities’ in Europe below! You might notice a few ‘big’ omissions, with popular cities like Rome, Paris, Dubrovnik etc not named in our favourites. Please let us know in the comments below if you agree, and what are your favourite cities in Europe!

Our top 6 ‘big cities‘ in Europe!

This list covers some amazing cities, filled with great culture, lots of history, wonderful old towns, and lots of tasty food! We have listed them in no particular order!

Lisbon [Portugal]

Lisbon is the heart of Portugal, and one of our favourite places in the world! This city has an old world charm, with alleyways and old squares that you could wander for days. The city offers some excellent history, and walking tours are a must here! Furthermore, the food culture and scene, both with Portuguese food, and international cuisine, is excellent! We found great coffee, and the highlight of foodie scene is definitely the Portuguese Tart.. the Pastel De Nata! Add Lisbon to your list!

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Edinburgh [Scotland]

The medieval city of Edinburgh was impressive, and filled with rich history, culture and experiences. We loved our visit in autumn 2022, and recommend everyone who hasn’t visited to consider checking out this Scottish city. Wander the well-preserved old town, enjoyed the great cafe culture, try Scottish cuisine, and walk the beautiful parks nearby. Edinburgh is a European ‘big city’ must!

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Copenhagen [Denmark]

The sophisticated and classy Nordic city of Copenhagen is one of the top cities in Europe. Despite being often overlooked due to it’s location in the north of Europe, we thing Copenhagen is criminally underrated. Boasting excellent cuisine, wonderful architecture, great food markets, friendly locals, and lots do to!

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Prague [Czech Republic]

Visiting Prague feels like you are stepping back in time, such is the impressive and well-preserved nature of the old town. Prague has a lot to do in all seasons, and simply wandering the old town can entertain you for hours. Our visit to Prague was one of our favourite stops in Europe so far!

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Budapest [Hungary]

The vibrant city of Budapest is a foodie’s dream, and bar lovers paradise, and filled with history and culture. Budapest offered some of the best food in Europe, and the old ruin bars are so much fun. Walk your way around the old town, and be prepared to explore the small alleyways. Head to fringes of town to check out castles, thermal baths and parks. Budapest has a lot to explore!

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Athens [Greece]

Athens, the historic city at the heart of Greece, was a wonderful surprise for us when we visited in 2022. Filled with world best history, interesting neighbourhoods and some of the best food we ate in Europe. Athens was also budget friendly, and is the hub for transport to the Greek Islands. Athens is underrated and should be explored!

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