Our guide to the Best Coffee’s in Europe!

best coffees in europe list

Coffee is more than a daily ritual for us, and our travels in Europe were no exception! A morning coffee was a must, and we often sampled another caffeine hit in the afternoon! This means that over the course of our 6 month travels in the continent, we would have easily drank over 500 coffees combined. The experience gave us unique insight into some of the best coffees in major towns and cities. These are only our opinion on the best coffees in Europe from where we visited, and there are many that we missed (please let us know below for next time!). We hope this list can give you a good guide of where to get your daily caffeine hit with an incredible cup of coffee!

The Best Coffee’s in Europe

The Awards:

These are our top 5 coffee’s of the entire trip. We tried a huge number of incredible brews and these one came out on top. This doesn’t mean the other recommendations weren’t any good, they were! If we were picking a top 20 we easily could! Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

  • Prolog – Copenhagen
  • D16 Coffee – Split
  • Origio – Bucharest
  • Dope Roasters – Athens
  • Sweet Spot Kaffee – Munich


  • Shakespeare and Co: Located in the heart of Paris and delivering an excellent cup of coffee. This was one of our first coffee’s of our Europe travels but also one of our favourite.
  • Fringe: Located in one of our favourite areas, 3rd arrondissement/Le Marais district of Paris, Fringe delivered a flavourful coffee that we loved!

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  • Almazen: Offering great coffees and healthy brunch options at very reasonable prices, Almazen was one of our favourite cafe’s in Seville!
  • Virgen Coffee: This place delivers top quality coffee. We loved the iced coffee’s to combat the heat of Seville! Don’t miss!

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  • La Finca: Well located and good coffee! La Finca has a Melbourne vibe and we instantly felt like we were back home. This won’t disappoint.
  • Cafe 4 Gatos: A great view from the outdoor seats in the ‘must visit’ neighbourhood of Albacin.

Don’t sleep on Granada, it’s underrated and beautiful! See more including recommendations here!


Cambridge had a sensational coffee culture, with so many great places to visit!

  • The Bould Brothers: specialty coffee, unique artwork and a good vibe. Tick!
  • The Locker: another place we stumbled upon, and were glad we did. A great coffee and cute upstairs area.
  • The Old Bicycle Shop: a popular coffee shop that gets busy but is worth it. Good coffee and well located.
  • Garden Kitchen: a tiny coffee shop filled with plants that delivers a great coffee!
  • Hot Numbers Coffee: delivering Melbourne style brunch and coffee. We loved it and would visit again!

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While ‘Italian Coffee’ is definitely good, it can also be poor. Here are a few top picks!

  • Caffe del Doge: Located in the heart of Venice, this little cafe was a great stop and good coffee.
  • Torrefazionne: This coffee was the best in Venice and a must visit! Don’t think, just go there!

See our top picks and thoughts about Venice!

  • Marigold Roma: you need to head outside the centre of the city, but it’s worth it. A light and effortlessly cool space with great brunch and coffee!
  • Faro: Located around half an hour out from the city centre, the baristas at Faro are coffee wizards.

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Il Libro Possible Cafe – Polignano a Mare: a cute cafe on the way between the train station and the gorgeous town of Polignano a Mare

Laboratori Urbani – Galipolli: Located just out of the town, this place was great and worth visiting for coffee lovers!

See some Polignano a Mare highlights and recommendations here!


D16 Coffee – Split: This coffee shop in the heart of Split was incredible, and definitely one of the best on the trip!

Fruitarija – Vis Island: Located right on the water, this cafe/bar was incredible. Get a coffee and sit with incredible views.

Smile Cafe – Makarska: The name is cute and the coffee is great! Worth a visit for a good coffee and brunch!

See more about Vis Island, one of our favourites from the trip!


Dope Roasters – Athens: Located in the heart of Athens, this place had a wonderful aesthetic and sensation coffee. A top pick!

Paros – Naoussa:

  • Almond in Paros: This was somewhere we had marked down before our visit to Paros and it didn’t disappoint. Wonderful coffee and beautiful decor.
  • Ragoussis Bakery Bistro: This bakery come cafe does an excellent coffee (and many great meal options!).

See more about our stay in Paros including so many great recommendations!


Don’t be expecting amazing coffee, however the beaches will make up for it!

  • Pasticeri Delight – Himare: After a week of poor coffee, we were delighted to find this cute bakery and cafe in Himare!

See some highlights from the beautiful Himare and Albanian Riviera!


Budapest was a great ‘foodie’ city and had a thriving cafe culture!

  • My Little Melbourne: with this name, we just had to visit, and My Little Melbourne delivered one of the best from our trip!
  • Dorado: A cute indoor setting and great brunch to pair with the coffee.
  • Circuz Cafe: we stopped for a great takeaway coffee, but they also did good brunch options.
  • Aran Bakery: Another excellent option for a great coffee in Budapest!

See more highlights and top picks for visiting Budapest!


  • Kafemat: Delivering a wonderfully smooth coffee, Kafemat is a great stop if you are a coffee lover. However, it’s a little walk out of the town.
  • EMA Espresso Bar: A little more centrally located, this cafe provided excellent coffee!

Take a look at some highlights a tips for the incredible Prague!


Copenhagen was another wonderfully good coffee city, with some many great cafes! However, don’t expect them to be cheap!

  • Prolog: Truly one of the best! Prolog had a cute store and outdoor area and incredible coffee!
  • Coffee Collective: Excellent cafe and top shelf coffee. Pair it with one of their great pastries.
  • Roast Coffee: The baristas here take pride in their coffee, and you can tell!

Copenhagen was one of our favourite cities! See our highlights and guide to the city here!


  • Solde: A cute cafe and an excellent cup of coffee. There were many more we missed but this was one we definitely recommend!

North Macedonia:

  • Liquid – Lake Ohrid: This cafe/bar delivers good coffee and amazing views over the lake!
  • Teeny Tajhn – Skopje: This coffee was truly amazing. If you do visit Skopje, make sure you visit this cafe!

See why we think Lake Ohrid is an underrated hidden gem in Europe!

Bulgaria – Sofia:

  • Rainbow Factory/Fabrika Daga: This cafe was effortlessly cool and buzzing with activity. The coffee was great!
  • Chucky’s Coffee House: Top shelf coffee that we just loved! A must visit!
  • Coffee Syndicate: Tucked away but worth looking for! This cafe was great!

See why we think Sofia is worth a visit!


Bucharest surprised us with a thriving coffee culture, one of the best in Europe!

  • Artichoke: Located in an old building, Artichoke had good coffee, a nice outdoor area and a great vibe.
  • M60: Excellent coffee, a great space, and allows you to do some remote work there.
  • Origio: Simply amazing coffee – one of the best of the trip.. and very friendly staff!
  • ORYGYNS Coffee: A small shop but excellent coffee.

See why we think Bucharest is a city of contrasts!


The city is underrated, and the cafe culture was so very good!

  • CH9: Offering a great coffee, a good quiche, and an impressive view of an old church.
  • Tipografia: Located just off main street, this cafe offered excellent coffee and sandwiches.
  • Meron: Good coffee in cute handmade cups situated on one of our favourite streets of the old towns. A good pick!
  • Nola Coffeeshop: A small shop at the edge of the old town with cute vibes and good coffee

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  • Atelier: One of the better coffee’s of the trip, great outdoor area in a cute street just below the main part of the old town. A must visit!
  • The Bean Specialty Coffee: Another shop serving good coffee just up from Atelier. Food wasn’t amazing, but the coffee was good.


  • Karabatak Karakoy: This was our TOP PICK when it comes to cool coffee shops on the Asian side of the city. A great coffee!
  • Brew Coffee Works: A good pick on the ‘European side’ of the city!
  • Old Java Coffee Roasters Galata: The coffee was excellent and they have ‘Melbourne-esque’ brunch options to if you’re after a feed.

See some of our top picks and recommendations for Istanbul!


  • The Sudd Cafe: A good coffee in the bustling city of Antalya. They also offer a tasty overnight oats/chia pudding!


  • Linckia: Our favourite in Kas! A cute terrace, great coffee and right by the beach.
  • Godo Cafe: A top pick in the bustling part of Kas that we visited multiple times!
  • Fika Cafe: A great coffee and a cute outdoor area!

See why Kas is one of our top picks and hidden gems in Europe!

Jungfrau Region:

  • Interlaken: The Aarburg Hotel & Café delivered the best coffee in the region. Located right on the picturesque river, it’s a must if you’re staying in Interlaken.
  • Murren: Stop at Cafe Liv for a great cup of coffee with excellent views! Definitely one to add to your list if in the area!

See our guide to the stunning Jungfrau region here!


  • Sweet Spot Kaffee: This little cafe in the heart of Munich was one of the best coffee’s in Europe!


  • The Neighbourhood Cafe: We had a great coffee here! However, note that this place is situated a good 20 minute walk from the old town (it was near our accommodation).


London boasts an impressive cafe scene and coffee culture!

  • Granger & Co: Starting with one of the best, but most expensive. This up-market cafe will serve a great coffee, but you will pay for it.
  • Flat White Soho: Located on Berwick Street, this cafe sells a top quality cup of coffee!
  • Happy Bones: One of our favourites, located in Euston, Happy Bones consistently impressed us with their coffee offerings.
  • Cable Co: Located in Portobello right next to the Portobello Market and Notting Hill Bookshop. This cafe is worth checking out if in the area.
  • Co. Simply named, but the coffee is anything but. Just off Hyde Park, this trendy cafe is a great spot to pop in.

See more recommendations for London here!



  • The Green Bird: This was our favourite coffee in Bath. Located 10minutes from the heart of town near the Royal Crescent, we think it’s worth the walk.
  • The Colombian Company: There are a few of these cute cafe’s in Bath, offering great coffee and eats! We visited twice and weren’t disappointed!
  • Society Cafe: Situated close to the Bath Abbey, this is another good option in Bath for a coffee or drink.


  • Brew & Brownie: The team at Brew & Brownie had 2 cafes near the minster, and deliver an excellent coffee. They are also popular for some tasty baked goods.
  • La Bottega: Inside the old town. La Bottega are a great spot to perch in-between exploring for a good coffee.
  • Divine Coffee Roasters: Just outside the heart of the old town, Divine Coffee Roasters gave us one of the best coffees in York.
  • Partisan: Located just up the road from Divine Coffee Roasters, we visited Partisan twice such was the quality of their coffee.


  • Laneway & Co: Situated down a hidden side alley, make sure you don’t miss this top coffee!


Another city which boasts an excellent cafe culture!

  • The Milkman: Situated in the heart of the old town on the picturesque Cockburn Street, The Milkman delivers an excellent cup of coffee!
  • Hideout Cafe: Nestled at the top of the Royal Mile just near Victoria Street, Hideout Cafe is the perfect place to ‘hideout’ and grab a coffee.
  • Fortitude Coffee: Situated in the ‘new town’ part of Edinburgh, this cafe was top notch! The coffee and sweet treats they offer are excellent!
  • Room Rumours: Great coffee and even better customer service. We loved our stop at Room Rumours. It is located in the perfect spot for a ‘pre train’ coffee (only 3mins from Edinburgh Waverley).

See why Edinburgh was one of our favourite cities in Europe!


  • Kafei
  • Stella
  • Hinterland
  • Bouche
  • Pardon Waffles

The beautiful Brussels is a great destination to visit. See our guide here!


  • Thats Toast: A great coffee and cute brunch place that is very popular!
  • Cafune: One of our top coffee picks in Belgium!

See why we think Bruges is one of the most beautiful cities in Belgium!


  • Coffee & food
  • Togo
  • Roos
  • Deli pies and coffee co
  • Logica
  • Lot & de Valvis

Check out the charming cute town of Leiden!


Amsterdam has one of the best cafe scenes and coffee cultures in Europe!

  • Black Gold Amsterdam: only a few minutes walk out of the action, this coffee shop is worth visiting. Wander the canals up to the café and grab one of the best coffee’s in Amsterdam.
  • Stooker: This café only sells take away coffee, focusing more on their roasting and training academy. However, it was one of the best flat white’s we have had in Europe. If you’re in the East of Amsterdam near Oosterpark, it’s a must.
  • Koffie Academy: Another top shelf café which we would recommend to everyone. Great coffee and good atmosphere.
  • De Koffie Schenkerij
  • Scandanavian Embassy
  • Lot Sixty1
  • Five Ways
  • 4850
  • Sur Coffee Corner
  • Margos
  • Drupo

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