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Paros Naoussa Greek Islands

The island of Paros is a vibrant and colourful spot that ticks a lot of holiday destination goals. Paros is ridiculously beautiful, with the whitewashed winding streets illuminated with splashes of colour from bougainvillea. The bright white of the houses is contrasted with the deep blues of the ocean providing a feast for your eyes (and your cameras). Part of the Cycladic islands, Paros has to be in your considerations if you are visiting the Greek Islands.

When planning our travels Paros was one of the destinations that Tess put onto the list early. Having visited the Greek Islands in 2014 she didn’t visit Paros and has yearned to check it out since. We stayed for 5 nights in the biggest town in Paros, Naoussa. This town boasted a ridiculously cute harbour and a multitude of options for food and entertainment.

Paros is perfect for:
  • Couples: this is a romantic destination
  • Families: a great spot for family activities, dinners etc
  • Nightlife without the nightclub scene: there are many great cocktail bars and restaurants on the waterfront. They are open late and have good vibes. If you’re looking for clubbing then perhaps Ios or Mykonos are better options.

Where to stay in Paros:

We would recommend to stay in Nauossa when you visit Paros. It is more picturesque and has more nightlife and ‘vibe’ than the other big town of Parikia. Parikia is located right on the port, and is where you will arrive via ferry. If you are looking to stay in close proximity to the ferry then Parikia may also be a decent option.

We stayed at Madaky Hotel (see here) which had an incredible location, great price and a pool. However, it was also relatively noisy during the night, so keep this in mind if you look to book. We found it overall good value for a budget option.

If you are looking for accommodation in Naoussa, check out the options below:


Getting around Paros:

The best option to get around Paros is via bus. We took the bus almost every day to check out small towns, and to head to the Antiparos ferry, and found it pretty easy. The tickets cost €1.80 per ride, and there are frequent busses to most of the major towns (see the Paros bus timetable here). A word of warning that in the summer, busses can be busy, and it is a little bit of ‘every man for himself’ to secure a seat. You are unlikely to miss the bus, but you may occasionally find yourself standing for your trip at peak times. The next best option would be via scooter or quad bike, which can be hired for around €35-60 per day. Taxi’s are also available, and some of the ferries allow cars from the mainland.

Food, drinks & coffee in Naoussa:

We love to share some of our favourites when we visit new towns and cities. The recommendations below are some places we loved in Naoussa. There are so many restaurants and bars in Naoussa that we didn’t get close to trying them all. A word of warning however, the restaurants on the waterfront and in the harbour require a booking often 3-5 days in advance. Additionally, many of the restaurants in popular locations are quite expensive.

Cheap Food in Naoussa:

Ragoussis Bakery Bistro: This bustling bakery was a regular during our stay in Naoussa. Boasting a multitude of €4-10 options for breakfast, lunch and dinner, Ragoussis also delivered a great coffee and fresh juices. A must for a quick and cheap meal during your stay.

Souvlaki Kargas: This cheap grill house was an excellent recommendation from a friend who visited the month before us. There are multiple €2-3 options (including a €3 gyros), and the food is tasty (though not particularly healthy). It is popular, but lines move quickly. Wait for a table or grab a takeaway and sit by the harbour.

Coffee in Naoussa:

A word of warning, the coffee in Naoussa (and Greece in general) was overall very expensive. However, Naoussa had some excellent coffee options.

Almond in Paros: If you want the best coffee in Paros, then Almond is worth checking out! Along with good coffee, Almond in Paros has a great aesthetic, and good vegan food options. However, be prepared for a €4-6 coffee.

Ragoussis Bakery Bistro: As mentioned above, Ragoussis was a favourite for us during our stay in Naoussa. This bakery surprisingly does a really good coffee. Our €3.5 cappuccino was a regularly morning pit stop.

Kiranos: Serving up a good coffee with harbour views, Kiranos was another place we enjoyed getting our caffeine fix. The outdoor seating area and terrace was excellent to sit and relax in the sun.

Best Bars in Naoussa Paros:

Sommaripa Consolato Paros: This would be one of our favourite views and moments in Paros. Sommaripa boasts a terrace and little sitting spots with views overlooking the picturesque harbour. A ‘travel hack’ for Naoussa would be to skip the expensive meal in the harbour below and head up to the bar for a view just before sunset. You will be treated to the same buzzing vibe and a better view than if you had a meal downstairs.

Barbarossa Bar: Also located on the harbour, Barbarossa Bar has a great little terrace. Grab a drink and enjoy the atmosphere.

Vavayias Noussa: This cocktail bar has impressive seaside views. We were surprise to be able to get a seat by the water, and enjoyed the stunning views during golden hour. To beat the rush, head for a pre-dinner cocktail during happy hour.

Day trips from Naoussa Paros:

Antiparos: A must-do when you visit Paros! We loved Antiparos so much we would even consider recommending you stay there over Paros. See our thoughts, highlights and recommendations for Antiparos here.

Lefkes: This little inland town was one of our favourite day trips of our travels so far. The small town can be explored in a few hours, but it was quaint and the perfect place for a morning adventure. Stay tuned for our blog post on Lefkes for more.

The Beaches of Paros: hire a scooter or quad bike and check out some of the beaches around the island. They are located between 10-30minutes away.

Downside of Paros:

Okay, so not everything is perfect in Paros. There were a couple of downsides that we think you should be aware of before you visit.

  1. Paros is windy: Don’t expect calm idyllic beaches in Paros. The island is windy, and locals report that it’s often windy most of the summer. We had some extremely windy days, and some calmer ones, so it can vary, but be prepared.
  2. Paros is expensive: Okay, it’s not at the same level as Santorini, but you are still paying ‘island prices’. Use some of our cheap eats above to save money!
  3. The ferry trips can be rough: Do you get seasick? If it’s a windy day, prepare for a pretty choppy ferry ride. We had an extremely windy day and had a good few hours of side to side boat action. Most of the passengers (including us) were pretty seasick!


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