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Mostar feels like it is straight out of a fairy-tale. Situated in a valley along the Neretva River is the charming town of Mostar. The town has strong Ottoman influences, with Turkish style houses and cobbled streets. The stunning blue river, cute houses and sweeping mountain views pale in comparison to the main event, the incredible Stari Most (Old Bridge). The Mostar Old Bridge is one of the most visually incredible sights we have seen. The Ottoman designed bridge is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, loops over the sparkling blue river, and is framed by the stunning mountains. We spent much of our time sitting and watching the bridge with a coffee or wine. Additionally, this makes for stunning pictures.

Mostar is located only a short distance from Croatia, making it the perfect addition to a Croatian holiday. You can easily get there from Makarska or Dubrovnik, taking around 3-4 hours via bus or 2-3 hours via car (though this can be longer due to border crossing delays). Additionally, located close by to Mostar are Kravicia Falls, Blagaj Monestary and the captial of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Sarajevo. Mostar is also a delight for the budget conscious, with costs significantly less than the often expensive Croatia.

Mostar is rich in history!

Mostar has a mixed history, particularly the impact and involvement in the Yugoslavian war. Whilst this history isn’t the focus of the blog, it was eye opening to wander through the streets of Mostar and to see visible signs of the destruction left behind by the war. Buildings still remain with holes from bombs, and signs of shrapnel on walls. To see the visible evidence was sobering for us, who as Australians, have been relatively sheltered from the impact of war. We would have loved to do a walking tour if we had more time to learn from the locals about this history, and it is something we would consider if we every return. Additionally, we were fascinated with the mixed religious influences in this city. Churches, Mosques and an Orthodox Cathedral all both stand out in the city.

A few places we recommend to check out:

Mostar is a little town, but despite it’s small stature, it has lots of cafes and restaurants to check out. We only stayed for one night, meaning we only sampled some of these options. The top recommendations are listed below:

COFFEE & DRINKS: Caffe Terasa Secerlook

Cafe’s and restaurants line the sparkling river boasting incredible views of the Old Bridge. The majority of the restaurants close to the bridge are moderately expensive, however if you walk only 5minutes further you can be treated to arguably better views and a reduced cost. We loved trying the traditional Bosnian coffee at Caffe Terasa Secerlook and recommend you check it out as well!

DESERTS: Ottoman Premium Delight

Who doesn’t love a good sweet treat? These Turkish deserts were incredible! Located along the main street, the Ottoman Premium Delight should be on your list!

CEVAPI: Tima Irma

Cevapi is one of the traditional Bosnian dishes (and found throughout the Balkan region). For less than 10 euros you can try some excellent Cevapi on the main street.

Where to stay in Mostar?

We stayed at an incredible little AirBnB in Mostar (check it out here!). A short 5 minute walk out of the town, this place had a terrace which opened up onto stunning views of the rushing river. One of our favourite moments was having a morning tea and enjoying the views. Highly recommended if you are planning on visiting Mostar!

Want to look at other accommodation options in MOSTAR?

Take a look at some of the stunning video footage from Mostar below:


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