Antiparos – The unsung hero of the Cycladic Islands

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The island of Antiparos is a hidden gem of the Greek Islands just waiting to be explored. The smaller sister island of Paros, Antiparos is much less well known. Part of the Cyclades island group, this little island boasts the perfect combination of relaxing vibe, enough atmosphere, a great town with bars and restaurants, and great beaches. Read on to hear about our day trip to Antiparos and a few recommendations for your visit.

When planning our Greek Island adventures, we didn’t have Antiparos on our initial list. We planned to spend 5 days in Paros in the town of Naoussa relaxing and exploring. As part of Ky’s birthday celebrations, he was given an ‘adventure’ from his brother and brother’s girlfriend detailing he head to Antiparos, find some authentic food, and have a good time. We loved the research put into this, and were excited to check it out.

The first thing you notice when arriving in Antiparos and walking the charming main streets is the bursting bright colour of the bougainvillea. These stunning flowers line the street, adorning most buildings and transforming the streets into a kaleidoscope of colour. The second thing we noticed in Antiparos was the relaxed ‘island feel’. There are less people than the bigger island of Paros, and the mood is calm. Restaurants and bars line the harbour, main street and cute main square. The locals are friendly, with a few stopping us for a chat and asking about our travels. Antiparos is not Paros.. it just might be better.

How to get to Antiparos from Paros?

The best way to get to Antiparos from the island of Paros is through a ferry from Pounta. A bus from Parikia to Pounta takes 20-25minutes and costs €1.80 per person. The ferry from Antiparos to Pounta was €1.50 per person each way and takes about 10minutes. Check out the ferry timetable here! The other option is a longer duration ferry from Parikia which is also more expensive and less frequent.

The most beautiful restaurant we have been to!

We had a wonderful dinner at Taverna Klimitaria in one of the most picturesque settings so far. The restaurant was down a side street in Antiparos, with the highlight undoubtedly the stunning terrace encased in vibrant bougainvillaea. As you can see from the photos below, these bright flowers covered the whole outdoor area of this local taverna.

The food was authentic and excellent. We ordered the warm octopus salad in wine, olive oil and vinegar which was sensation. The slow cooked lamb and moussaka were also excellent. We aren’t big fans of ouzo, but we had to try some to get in the local spirit. Overall, this dinner was a memorable one.

Note: Taverna Klimitaria opens at 6.30pm and doesn’t take bookings for small groups (it does for large groups). We advise to arrive before 7.30 for a table, or be happy to wait a little, it’s worth it!!

A few bars, restaurants and cafe’s in Antiparos to check out!

Antiparos was filled with excellent cafe’s, bars and restaurants lining the harbour, buzzing main street and cute main square. We checked out a number of them, but also walked past some we didn’t get a chance to visit on our day trip. If we come back to stay on Antiparos there’s a lot of great places to try.


Bouganvilles: Located on the main street, Bouganvilles Cafe boasts a wonderful little terrace and sitting area. We had good coffee and brunch here, then stayed to people watch and chat with the locals.

Sorelle: With views of the harbour, Sorelle was a great spot for a coffee and/or drinks.


Stones cocktail bar: Sitting along the main street and off the main square, Stones Cocktail Bar was excellent. We loved just relaxing and people watching with a chilled wine in the afternoon. The outdoor tables and terrace was aesthetic and worth checking out.

The main square offers great vibes, including many bars and some rooftop bars. Worth checking out later in the day/evening.

Ones we didn’t try but would on a repeat visit:
  • Scent Vietnamese
  • Loco Cocktail Bar
  • Main Square – most of them looked excellent
  • Little Frog Cocktail bar has a rooftop over main square


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