The best accommodation from our travels (so far)

Tuscany infinity pool chianti

We have collectively and separately travelled almost 40 countries, including Europe, Asia, Australia, USA, Central America and northern Africa (briefly). During our travels we have stayed in a variety of different accommodation, including fancy villa’s all the way through to budget hostels. We have put together a list of some of our top accommodation picks from our travels so far! This includes some fancier options like villa’s and apartments with wonderful views, along with some excellent budget picks. We will continue to update this as we travel more in the future! Please share any recommendations in the comments below!

Our Top Accommodation Picks:

These are the places we enjoyed the most for a variety of reasons. Not all of them are ‘fancy’, but offer either great value, awesome views, or perfect locations.

Castello Vicchiomaggio [Tuscany]:

You can’t go to Tuscany, the famous picturesque wine region of Italy, without staying in a villa! We did a lot of research before visiting, deciding to stay at Castello Vicchiomaggio in the Chianti Region. Our research paid off, as this villa was incredible. Boasting stunning views of the rolling hills, an infinity pool, a restaurant sitting in the villa gardens, and it was good value (in our opinion).

Dar Echchaouen Maison d’Hôtes & Riad [Chefchaouen]:

Chefchaouen was a stunning! Situated in the north of Morocco, this picturesque town stands out due to the vibrant blue of the houses, streets and buildings. If you are visiting Morocco, we think it is a must visit! We stayed at Dar Echchaouen Maison d’Hôtes & Riad and the accommodation was incredible! Only short 5-10minute walk away from the heart of the town, the location was excellent. This distance also allowed it to have excellent views of the hilltop town. The outdoor tables, gardens, doorways and villas were lined with bougainvillea, providing a stunningly vibrant walkway and background. Take a look below! We would highly recommend this if you want to visit Chefchaouen.

Apartment with incredible views in Santorini

Santorini has the postcard views you see on your social media feeds and travel advertisements around the world! We visited in 2022 and found the views spectacular, with the town very photogenic. However, Santorini is incredibly busy with tourists., and very, very expensive. If you are visiting Santorini, we urge you to get accommodation with a terrace/balcony and a view. Be prepared for expensive, and if you want a pool on your balcony, be prepared to pay a lot. We stayed just off the main street (in a quiet side street) in a little apartment with an exceptional view. Whilst not cheap, it was great value for Santorini.

Lasenta Boutique Hotel [Hoi An]:

Situated on the edge of Vietnam’s cutest town, Hoi An, Lasenta Boutique Hotel was a wonderful stay. The highlight was definitely the stunning views over the rice terraces from the infinity pool. We also found the rooms were well sized and clean and had access to an excellent buffet breakfast including Vietnamese dishes such as Pho and made to order Vietnamese pancakes (almost like an omlette).

Central Apartment in heart of Granada

The charming city of Granada is definitely a must visit in the south of Spain. Filled with charming neighbourhood, great food, and lots of things to do and see (particularly the Alhambra). We stayed in a wonderful open plan apartment that backed directly onto the main square. Boasting great views from the balcony, this apartment had everything you need for your stay including a kitchenette.

Apartment on the river in Mostar

Mostar is a picturesque town in Bosnia and Herzegovina that feels like it’s straight out of your fairy tales. We stayed in a delightful AirBnb apartment 5 minutes walk from the heart of the town which was not only excellent, it was incredible value. The apartment was huge, well located, and boasted a balcony with incredible views of the river and town. If you are heading to Mostar (which we recommend you do), then we think you should stay here!

Port Phillip Estate [Red Hill]

Looking for a lux getaway on a Mornington Peninsula winery? Port Phillip Estate is one of the best places we have stayed in Australia and overseas. The rooms were beautifully designed with great features, but the real highlight was the stunning vineyard views from your bedroom. We stayed for a night after a close friends wedding and it was a night and morning we won’t forget.

Great value accommodation picks!

Well located apartment in Polignano A Mare [Puglia]

Polignano a Mare is one of our favourite places in Italy and we think it should definitely be on your travel bucket list! We stayed in a lovely little apartment only a few minutes from the heart of the town. Our accommodation was hosted by a charming old Italian man who made our stay very pleasant. We think this place was excellent value for money and a great location!

Villa Varosh [Lake Ohrid]

The North Macedonian holiday town of Lake Ohrid is a true hidden gem. We stumbled upon it when researching places for our 6 month Europe trip in 2022 and we are so glad we visited! Budget friendly, lots to do, swimming spots along the lake and more! If you want to step a little off the tourist path, we urge you to consider Lake Ohrid. We stayed in an excellent guesthouse in the historic old town called Villa Varosh. The accommodation was great value and well located!

Old Parish House [Lake Bled]

Lake Bled remains one of our favourite places in Europe. The mix of untouched nature, natural beauty and Slovenian charm had us hooked. We stayed in a cute guesthouse in a perfect location called Old Parish House. Only a few steps to the lake and a few minutes to the centre of the town, it was a great spot for a our few day visit. They also had an excellent breakfast!

Our excellent accommodation in Gallipoli [Puglia]

We visited this charming port town of Gallipoli in the south of Puglia, Italy. Situated right on the water, with a little beach right adjacent to the town, Gallipoli holds some wonderful memories for us. We stayed in a room with a terrace in the heart of the town.

An apartment with views in Vis [Croatia]

We loved our week long stay on the picturesque island of Vis in Croatia. We hired out a portside apartment with views of the harbour. Located in the perfect spot, this apartment was one of our favourite stays from our travels.

A well located apartment in Kotor [Montenegro]

We absolutely loved our visit to Kotor! We stayed in a comfortable apartment just outside the walls of the Kotor Old Town in perfect walking distance to everywhere, including the beach.

An apartment in the vibrant Jewish Quarter of Budapest [Hungary]

Budapest is a wonderful city and should definitely be on your list. We stayed in the heart of a popular bar, cafe and restaurant scene in a great apartment. While it was a 15-20minute walk from the ‘touristy heart’ of Budapest, we found it a great spot to stay for those who enjoy hospitality, good bars and cafes.

Lord of Cappadocia [Turkey]

When staying in the fairy-tale like town of Cappadocia, choosing the right accommodation is key! The main attraction in the town are the sunrise hot air balloons, thus having a terrace with incredible views should be your top priority. We stayed at Lord of Cappadocia, a well located hotel that had a stunning rooftop terrace. The room itself wasn’t as good as some you could find in Goreme, but the view from the terrace made it worth it.

Huge apartment with rooftop pool in Playa del Carmen [Mexico]

During a 2015 visit with Ky and friends to Mexico we stayed in a wonderful apartment. While the accommodation itself was excellent, the highlight was definitely the rooftop terrace with a pool. It was also located very close to the action and beaches. This is perfect if looking to visit Playa del Carmen as a group or bigger family. See the place here.

A stunning villa in Seminyak [Bali]

A 2016 holiday stay with a group of friends had Ky staying in this incredible villa. Located in the ‘touristic part’ of Bali, Seminyak, this villa was perfect for a group of people wanting to relax and be close to the action. While located a little away from other popular areas (e.g. Ubud, Uluwatu), it is a great option for those in search of a large villa in the heart of the action. Take a look here.

Our top hostels!

We don’t often book hostels as a couple as we can typically get hotels or private rooms for a similar price, however, these are a few of our top hostel picks in Australia and Europe.

The Surf House [Byron Bay]

Situated in the heart of the popular Byron Bay, The Surf House is a budget friendly option that we rated highly during our stay. We booked a private room at The Surf House, and found it to be a great place to stay.

The Central House [Porto]

The Central House in Porto was in an amazing location, it was clean, quiet, and had double bunks for couples. It was easily one of the best hostels we have stayed at, and we would definitely return.

The Steel House [Copenhagen]

This Hostel in Copenhagen was excellent. Not only was The Steel House well priced in a very expensive market, it had a kitchen, lots of ‘living spaces’, a gym and was very central in the city. The rooms were small, but did the job and overall we had a good experience here. Would recommend.

La Banda Rooftop Hostel [Seville]

Tess stayed in this well located hostel and recommends it to others! The highlight is the rooftop and bar, whilst the staff are also very friendly. Don’t expect lux hotel stay, but if you’re looking for a hostel in Seville, La Banda Rooftop Hostel is definitely worth considering!

The Central House – Rodamon [Barcelona]

We stayed in The Central House in Barcelona in 2019 and found it a perfect sport for our short stay. Barcelona is a massive city, so it may depend on where you want to stay, however we found it well located in the Gracia district. The rooftop terrace was definitely a plus!

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