2 hours in Messina for gelato (and arancini)

should i visit messina in sicily

When your train journey from Cefalu to the airport (Catania) gives you a 2 hour stopover in Messina, there’s only one thing to do… get gelato and have a quick walk around the town! Those Australians reading will know that Messina is a wildly popular ice cream store named based on the town in Sicily, so naturally we thought it fitting to taste the product in the motherland. After hustling from the train station to a local coffee shop, we wandered through the streets, found some gelato, and stumbled upon a super iconic local street food store.

This little gallery isn’t a ‘what to do in Messina’ guide, more just a fun little recollection of a few hours spent wandering the town. Based upon our brief stop we’d comment a few things about Messina.. it’s got a distinctly local feel, almost no tourists, a cute main square, lots of authentic little bakeries (see below our great find), orange trees lining the streets, and heaps of ice cream to choose from. However, based upon our stop, we wouldn’t really recommend a prolonged stay here, as there doesn’t seem to be that many key ‘attractions’, and other coastal towns like Taormina or Cefalu may have more to offer.

Do not miss in Messina: this little bakery and street food vendor might just have the best arancini in Sicily, or at least up there! Head to Rosticceria Focacceria F.illi Famulari for some of the best street food in Messina. We managed to stumble upon this little bakery which was packed with locals and based upon the pictures on the wall, seems like a Messina institution.

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