The best accommodation in Norway? Stay in these bucket list treehouses in Odda!

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We would consider ourselves budget travelers and as such we rarely rave about the accommodation in which we stay in, but this is an exception. The Woodnest in Odda was our home for one night, and it was truly a unique experience. This gallery covers off our 20 hour period in The Woodnest and while it may seem like a paid add, it’s not sponsored by the Woodnest at all (we just wanted to share the experience with you).

Nestled in the forest above the small Norwegian town of Odda, the Woodnest offers a unique treehouse experience with breathtaking views of the Hardangerfjord. Opened in 2021, with recent additions in 2023, there are 4 tree houses all boasting truly incredible views. These luxury treehouses perfectly blend adventure with comfort, providing a serene escape in the heart of nature. Ideal for romantic getaways or small group adventures, Woodnest’s treehouses promise an unforgettable stay amid the stunning landscapes of Norway. This really was a honeymoon experience that we will never forget.

A few things to know if you want to book a stay at the Woodnest in Odda:

  • This isn’t a cheap experience.. the Woodnest is a luxury ‘bucket list’ experience, and is priced as such. In peak season you can pay up to 5,400 NOK per night (~750-800 AUD, 500 EURO/USD), and off season around 3,300 NOK per night.
  • Weekend bookings require a 2 night stay minimum. We don’t necessarily think this stay requires 2 nights, but we will leave that up to you.
  • You need to hike up to the accommodation. Yes, you read that right. There is a 30-45 minute vertical high with a few 100m of elevation. There is a trail with stairs, but you need at least decent fitness and good footwear. We overall found the hike okay, but passed a few people on the way up who definitely found it more challenging than us.
  • You need to bring everything with you.. this include food, drinks, clothing, chargers etc. The Woodnest has water, bathroom facilities (and an incredible bath!), a fridge and kitchen, but doesn’t have any food (a charcuterie board and breakfast ingredients can be purchased for an extra cost at the time of booking). Make sure you prepare accordingly.. we took 2 backpacks for the hike up.
  • Book a fair way in advance.. If you haven’t noticed already, the Woodnest has gone viral a few times, and even our reels and posts about it have had excellent traction. This can cause a decent waitlist, and peak summer season it sells out very quickly. We’d recommend booking at least 3-6 months in advance to avoid disappointment.
  • Bring an eye mask! The beauty of the Woodnest design is the wide open windows showing you the incredible views. However, this does mean no blinds. In summer, Norway has almost 24 hours of daily, meaning it is a must that you bring along a good eye mask if you want to sleep.
  • Getting to Odda? Your best bet is to hire a car and drive up from Bergen. It’s an incredibly beautiful drive including a picturesque ferry crossing which will take around 2 hours.

You can check out more information about the Woodnest by clicking through to their website here

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