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Travelling in the modern world is made so much easier with technology. We have both commented multiple times how challenging travel would be if we didn’t have access to the internet, and marvelled at how people used to globetrot in years gone by. Over our travels we have worked out a number of seriously useful travel applications. There are literally 100s more out there that we haven’t used, so please share some of your favourites to help us below!

Some useful travel applications:

  • Google Translate: Unless you know lots of languages (we sadly do not), this app (or the website) is a lifesaver! We managed to negotiate many conversations where neither party could understand each other by using Google Translate.
  • Trainline: This app allows you to search for and book trains in most parts of Europe. We found this particularly useful in the UK. The app will store the tickets and have the QR code easily accessible to scan and show authorities.
    • Railcard: This is a very useful ‘travel hack’ for when you are in the UK. If you purchase a ‘railcard’ through the app it will save you around 30-50% on UK train trips.
  • Ferryhopper: Looking to island hop your way around countries like Greece or Croatia? Ferryhopper allows you to search and book ferry tickets right from your phone.
  • Airalo: Want to have internet without buying a SIM card? We opted to use an ‘e-SIM’ when in Europe. Modern phones have the capability to use an App to get internet without the need for a SIM card. If you are doing an extended trip, using your SIM card from home will likely generate significant data charges, thus an option like Airalo is useful.
  • This app is perfect to search up accommodation on the go. For those wanting to look up accommodation and want to support us at the same time, use our link which won’t affect your booking price but will help us run the blog.
  • Airbnb: Like, this App is perfect for booking and managing accommodation on the go.

  • Skyscanner: This website was a huge help for us! We caught a heap of flights, and skyscanner allowed us to check out the best deals and book straight through the app. It was perfect for short flights inside Europe, however we booked our return flights from Australia directly through the airline.
  • Ryanair App: If you’re heading to Europe, there’s a good chance you will book some of the budget friendly flights on Ryanair. What is important to know is that if you don’t check in online, you may be subject to charged of up to 80 euros! The app is the best way to check in, and allows you to have your boarding pass on your phone.
  • Capcut: Keen to make a few travel reels with the great footage you have taken? We used Capcut to make reels straight from our phone. The app itself is very intuitive and didn’t take long to get the hang of. We may post a guide in the future about making reels, but Capcut (or similar apps like Videoleap or InShot) will help you get started.

  • Google Maps: okay, this is self explanatory. Google Maps will save your life more than once.
  • Whatsapp: Another ‘no brainer’ of an app which many will have already. When travelling, particularly if not equipped with a SIM card, Whatsapp is the best way to contact everyone. We also found most Airbnb hosts used it as a their preferred method of communication.
  • Lonely Planet: This company creates Tess’s favourite travel guides, but they also have a website/app that can help you get started with travelling. Whilst the recommendations are sometimes ‘touristy’, it definitely has some good info about your destinations.
  • Uber: If you’re not already on Uber then you are missing out. Many countries in Europe use Uber and we found it a whole lot easier than catching a cab. In many countries cab drivers can scam you, and it is easier to have the address and price agreed before jumping in. You can also use the Uber app to use ‘Lime’ scooters (see below).
  • Bolt/Bird/Lime/Tier/Others: Hiring of electric scooters/bikes is popular in Europe, and you can find them everywhere in big cities. Most run off apps, with Bird and Lime both being popular. If you have the app, it is as simple as scanning the QR code and off you go.
  • Language Apps like Babbel: Why not try and pick up a few sayings or learn the language of your destination. We have used Babbel before but there are so many great options out there.

A few travel highlights from our many adventures:

As mentioned earlier, there are so many more good apps out there. Please let us know in the comments your favourites and they may help us with our next trip!

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