Is it safe to drink the water in Europe?

can i drink the tap water in europe

Travelling through Europe is an incredible experience, but don’t let this fun time be soured by getting sick from drinking tap water you shouldn’t have! We know first hand this experience, after drinking tap water in a few locations which Google had “OK’d”. This shows that despite being cautions and checking, you can still run astray. However, after travelling Europe for over 6 months, this is a list of a few locations with think you can, and shouldn’t, drink the tap water.

Please note that this is just our opinion based upon our own research and experiences! We are keen to hear your recommendations of places you think we need to be cautions drinking that tap water in Europe (comment below). We always recommend you do your own research!

Is it safe to drink the tap water in Europe?

The answer is.. it depends! See our list of recommendations below, and if in doubt, go for bottled water to be safe!

  • Paris: yes, but be prepared that flavour isn’t great (compared to our water in Australia at least)
  • South of France: yes, as above.
  • Seville: yes, and the water has a better flavour than France.
  • Morocco: yes, it’s not Europe, however it is close. Can you drink the tap water in Morocco.. NO, don’t drink it! Go for bottled water!
  • UK: yes, and we found the water flavour ok.
  • Slovenia: Yes! And if it’s near Lake Bled you will find that the tap the water is so fresh!
  • Italy: Generally yes. Particularly in the north like Venice, the water comes off the Dolomites and is very fresh. Further checking for tap water on the islands may be worthwhile.
  • Croatia: Yes
  • Montenegro: Yes
  • Greece: generally it is reported only as yes – e.g. in Athens, Paros, but not on some of the islands like Antiparos (drink bottled water) – check before. However, We were also a little unwell after drinking tap water in Paros, and switched to bottled water, thus we recommend you drink bottled in Greece and avoid the tap water where you can.
  • Albania: no, the tap water here is generally not great for drinking and we strongly recommend bottled water!
  • Hungary: Yes
  • Czech Republic: Yes
  • Denmark: Yes – very clear and fresh like many of the Nordic countries.
  • North Macedonia: no
  • Bulgaria: some sites and searches say yes, however we avoided it and chose bottled water.
  • Romania: we drank it in Transylvania with no issues, however we didn’t drink it in Bucharest despite locals saying it was ok.
  • Turkey: No! Be careful here, as even salads and washed items in tap water can cause you to feel unwell. Go bottled water all the way!
  • Switzerland: Yes! we found it was some of the best in Europe!
  • Austria: yes
  • Germany: yes
  • Belgium: Yes
  • Netherlands: Yes

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