Photographers listen up! Melbourne’s Princess Pier should be your next sunset location!

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This gallery looks at golden hour and the sunset captures from one of Melbourne’s iconic photography locations.. Princess Pier in Port Melbourne. Home to the skeleton of an old pier, this backdrop provides a wonderful portrait for photographers of all levels. Seriously, the ‘leading lines’ of the pier here are exceptional! Add in some golden hour hues or a burst of colour from the sunset.. photography heaven! Slow down your shutter speed to get those silky water shots.. and throw in a drone for some incredible aerial shots? Yes please! However, even if you’re not a photographer, it’s a beautiful spot for a walk/run and is also frequented by local fisherman.

Princess Pier is a nearly 600m long pier built in the early 1910s, and used throughout the 1900s up to 1969. The pier is popular for photographers, fisherman, local fitness trainers (outdoor training) and those walking or running along the coastline.

The city skyline of Melbourne is one of our favourites and Princess Pier has a great city skyline from our little DJI Mini 2. Take a look at some of the drone shots below!

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