A day trip to Trentham – A gem in country Victoria!

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Trentham is a tiny little town located around 1.5 hours north-west of Melbourne. Home to only around 1200 people, this town is a perfect day trip location from the city. Trentham has all of the components of a top day trip location. A top country bakery? Tick! Cute main streets? Tick! Numerous gift stores and cafes? Tick! Plus there’s the nearby waterfall that’s a must visit! Additionally, on the visit to Trentham, we found the ‘country spirit’ alive and well. Locals were so friendly and everyone wanted to say hello and ask about our day. We also witnessed locals giving flowers to their neighbours.. what a lovely bunch of locals!

Read on to see highlights from the day trip to one of Victoria’s cutest small towns. We include recommendations and provide a few accommodation options if you’re looking to stay nearby.

See highlights from a day trip to Trentham

Trentham Falls

The beautiful Trentham Falls is one of the top things to do when you visit! Located a short 5 minute drive from the town, the waterfall is one of the longest single drop falls in Victoria (32 metres!). If you arrive early you’ll likely have to place to yourself like we did! The best time to visit the falls is likely winter or spring when creeks are full and the falls have good volume!

Note: the trail down to the waterfall from the viewing platform was currently closed when we visited. However, we have visited multiple times and observed people climbing down regardless of signs. Please note we don’t condone this and encourage you to understand the risks involved with this if you do decide to follow others down.

Redbeard Bakery Trentham

The well known Redbeard Bakery a Trentham highlight! This country bakery has some of the best sourdough around, also offering a range of other tasty baked goods. It opens at around 8.30am on weekends and gets very busy around 10-10.30. Make sure you try the sourdough and the coffee here was pretty good! We heard locals talking about how it has changed ownership hands recently, but we found the quality to be as good as it was when we visit 3-4 years prior! Redbeard Bakery is a must when visiting Trentham!

Walk the charming Trentham town

The main few streets of Trentham are tree-lines and very picturesque. The old houses have gardens lined with flowers, and the streets and very aesthetics. One of the best things to do on your visit is a walk around the main ‘block’ of Trentham and enjoy the sights of this sleepy country town.

The Quarry Street Reserve

This little park is definitely worth exploring. Situated at the edge of Trentham’s main street, the Quarry Street Reserve has a beautiful lake and a picturesque red bridge.

Explore the local shops & stores

There are a few cute delis and grocers plus numerous boutique stores dotted along the main street. Browse the cute stores and possibly buy some produce or local homewares and gifts. Plus, it will help support the local economy of this tiny town!

Get a Coffee at popular local cafe’s

We sampled the coffee at Redbeards Bakery and found it pretty good! However, there’s a few other cafe’s that may be worth checking out in the town. See a few good cafe options in Trentham below:

  • Redbeard Bakery (see above)
  • Trentham General
  • Vic Market
  • Cafe Aterics

Enjoy the drive from Melbourne

The drive from Melbourne to Trentham is only around 1.5 hours. Once you exit the freeway towards Trentham you are greeted with rolling hills and beautiful views. You know we had to stop to take a few snaps! Enjoy the drive!

Visit the nearby Daylesford

The popular and equally charming town of Daylesford is only around 20-30minutes away from Trentham, making it another great addition to your country day trip from Melbourne!

Make it an overnight stay at some of these cute nearby accommodation options:

We didn’t stay on this day trip, but have spent a night in the nearby Dalesford in the past. It’s a great way to slow down and enjoy the countryside. We have researched the area and found a couple of top options for a short stay below:

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