The Best Beach in Victoria: Why Mt Martha has a case!

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Mount Martha beach, particularly Mt Martha South Beach, located on the Mornington Peninsula, Victoria, has serious holiday vibes. The declaration of the ‘Best Beach in Victoria’ is a big call, but one that may be justified. I can hear you say “what about other favourite beaches in Victoria” like Half Moon Bay, Torquay (or other Great Ocean Road Beaches), Mccrae Beach, Sorrento Back Beach, beaches down Phillip Island, Wilsons Promontory beaches and more? You are right, they are all exceptional beaches, however I think Mt Martha may just top them all!

Mt Martha South drone

Why is Mount Martha the pick of beaches for your sun soaked sessions? Think white sand (especially at south beach), crystal clear water, no/minimal rips or currents (bay beach), within touching distance of the city (1-1.5hours), close-by cafe’s and restaurants, framed by a bay and dotted with colourful beach boxes. Still not convinced? How about being a small step away from Red Hill Wineries, a suburb away from Mornington’s excellent cafe’s, restaurants and bars, and a walk/small drive from The Pillars in Mount Martha. Check out a small sample of snaps from this bayside paradise below.

Convinced yet? Check out Mt Martha South for yourself on the next sunny day. Click here for Google Maps details.

Note: It is important to disclose we would consider ourselves “locals” and are biased having spent time growing up around this area. However, after travelling most of Victoria’s spectacular costlines, and internationally to beaches, we still rank Mt Martha South up there with the best.

Tips for Mt Martha Beach from a local?

  • Be early! Unfortunately others have clued onto how good this paradise is! Mt Martha beach gets very busy in peak season and on weekends! The beachside town has only a couple of coastal roads in, and these can get busy, sometimes taking up to an hour to travel a few KMs. So be early, beat the rush, and enjoy your time on the sand, in the water, and enjoying the town.
  • Parking is free, however can be a challenge! If you’re not early enough, you may need to park along side streets near the main town of Mt Martha and walk up. Make sure to read signs to avoid fines.
  • Respect the environment and the town! Take your rubbish with you!
  • Dogs can be on the beach early (I think before 6.30 or 7 AM) but not during the day, with fines issued for those breaking the rules.
Mt Martha beach boxes
Mt Martha blues


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