Our 2022 Travel Plans: Europe Travel Itinerary

Europe 2022 Travel Plan

Travel is back on the agenda for 2022 after a few years interupted by COVID-19. This is especially relevant for Australians (like us) who were locked down and had international border restrictions much longer than others. The end of 2021 brought down the international borders, and we both decided to take the plunge on a long-term bucket list goal of ours.. to leave our jobs and travel for 6 months! We decided to go all-in on our love for travel, have a career break, and come back with new perspectives. Don’t get us wrong, we love being physio’s, and we love Australia, but the wanderlust was too great to ignore. Our previous travels have ignited the love for exploring the world. Ky has travelled to Europe before (Croatia, Bosnia, Portugal and Spain), whilst Tess has ventured even further (Portugal, Spain, Italy, France, Switzerland, Greece).. read more about us here.

We are excited to announce and publish our 2022 travel plans and draft itinerary, listed below. This will be subject to change as most bookings and plans are flexible. We love suggestions from other travellers, so comment your recommendations below or engage on our social media (@2cupsoftravel) with your favourite travel tips! So far in 2022 we have spent a lot of time down the Mornington Peninsula, particularly Mount Martha (read more on how we think Mt Martha is the best beach in Victoria), and a trip down the Great Ocean Road (read more about the Hidden Gems of Victoria, including the Great Ocean Road).

Europe 2022 Travel Itinerary:

Take a look below for our draft plans. We are leaving Australia on 2nd May 2022 and have a flight booked to return on October 30th 2022. Between these dates we have a rough idea of where we will travel, but we love the idea of a location capturing our heart and staying a little longer.


may travel itinerary

We fly into Paris, and we couldn’t be more excited to wander the streets. We are looking forward to picnics in the park, a lot of delicious French food and exploring some of the great bars we have been recommended. After Paris we venture to the south, exploring the region around Avignon and Marseille.


The south of Spain is calling, with Seville and Granada our base to explore. The Alhambra in Granada is something Tess is pretty keen to see.


Morocco is somewhere we just can’t wait to visit, particularly to sample the food and culture. We have booked an Intrepid Tour for the north of Morocco (see more details here).


The UK will be a little “break” for us after a busy start to our adventures. Family reunions and some day trips will be on the agenda, with the bustle of London largely saved for our return to the UK.


june travel itinerary

One of the first places on our 2022 travel list was Lake Bled. We have had numerous recommendations and read many travel blogs about this place and we just cant wait to visit.


Most of June will be spent exploring the best Italy has to offer. There will likely be too much food, lazy days spent wandering narrow streets, beautiful beaches, lots of day hikes and much more. We will aim to sample the major cities, Cinque Terra and Puglia.


july travel itinerary

We return to one of Ky’s favourite places around the world. Croatia has numerous attractions, particularly stunning beaches and wonderful old towns.. we aim to sample both, spending a few weeks working our way down the coast. We may also include a little detour into Bosnia.


Kotor was somewhere that we had earmarked from a long way out, and we just can’t wait to get there.


Tess has previously sampled Greece’s wonderful islands, and it was somewhere we always knew we would aim to return.


The Albanian Riviera was somewhere, after some research, we are very excited to visit. We love heading to places a little off the “tourist path” and this appears to be one.


august travel itinerary

August is where our planning hasn’t reached a concrete stage, which allows us a lot of flexibility and excitement to plan on the go. There are numerous factors involved in our decisions here, including what recommendations we recieve along our trip and the ongoing conflict in the east of Europe (our thoughts go out to those in Ukraine!!). We will aim to visit Cyprus, Turkey and possibly eastern Europe.


september travel itinerary

Like August, we have some flexibility in September. We will look to visit Switzerland, Sicily (Italy) and Germany, with the remaining time flexible at this stage. We are open to suggestions, so comment below somewhere you think we can’t miss!


october travel itinerary

We enter the twilight of our trip plans, but the adventure will be far from over. We look to explore the UK, with England, Ireland and Scotland on our list. We will also aim to check out the Faroe Islands, Denmark and Amsterdam. We will hopefully have a few Schengen Zone days up our sleeve allowing us to have a few short trips from the UK.

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