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In 2021, Tess and I ventured down the southeast coast of Victoria to Wilsons Promontory. I had previously completed a solo few day adventure, along with a family trip, but Tess had never been to one of my favourite parts of Victoria. One of the things I enjoy most about Wilsons Prom is the ability to do many different types of holidays, including a very relaxing trip camping or in a house/cabin, or a very active hiking trip (including multi-day hikes). We chose a mix between the 2, completing a few half day hikes, mixed in with beach days and relaxation. Check out some of our picture highlights and some of my tips below.

Wilsons Prom Tess view

Hike Mount Oberon:

The hike to Mount Oberon is a definite highlight. Weather permitting, you will be blessed with a stunning view of the beaches below (primarily Tital River, Squeeky Beach). The hike is moderately challenging but has well definited paths and will take a few hours each way (more or less pending fitness).

Pro Tips:

  • Take a snack or lunch and eat it at the top enjoying the view.
  • Go early if in tourist season/holiday periods: the parking at the top gets busy! Go earlier if you can.
  • Weather is an important consideration: if it’s very cloudy, this may impair your view. Try to pick clearer days for better views.
  • Visit the bathroom beforehand! There’s no toilets at the top.
Wilsons Prom Mt Oberon

Wander The Beaches:

The beaches of Wilsons Promontory are some of my favourite in Victoria, and possibly the world. Why? Think wide white sand beaches. Idyllic little bays framed by trees and mountains. Rolling waves but calm enough to swim. Our favourite was Picnic Bay, however Squeeky Beach, Whisky Bay and Tidal River are all worthy of a visit pending time.

Pro Tips:

  • Be wary with younger children and weaker swimmers around some of the beaches. Whilst overall these beaches are “safe” for most, there are no lifeguards and being surf beaches, they can have currents.
  • Spend some time exploring the rockpools, pathways and bays.
  • There is minimal shade, so bring an umbrella, or be prepared for time in the sun.

Enjoy A Sunset:

The sunsets during our time at Wilsons Prom were stunning. We were particularly lucky to be treated to a gorgeous sunset down at Sandy Point where we stayed, but I have also enjoy stunning sunsets from the vantage point overlooking squeeky beach (hike halfway from tidal river and perch on the edge of the cliff).

Sandy Point Ky sunset


The hikes are plentiful and pitched at varying levels, allowing hikers of all abilities to get active and enjoy the scenes. We completed the hike to Mount Oberon, the walk between Tidal River and Squeeky Beach and a few other smaller inland hikes. There’s a number of multi-day hikes that are reported to be stunning for outdoor enthusiasts, and it’s something we may look to return and complete.

Don’t Miss the Big Drift!

Think white sand dunes that feel like you’re on another planet. Stay tuned for a future post which covers the Big Drift in details. It’s one of the less popular but very rewarding hikes down at Wilsons Prom! Read more here about The Big Drift and how to make the most out of your visit.

Big Drift Wilsons Prom

Quick Tips:

  • Weather: the temperature is usually a few degrees colder and often windier than in the city/country, so keep this in mind, especially if considering beach days. This also applies to the water which may not be as warm as some bay beaches.
  • Camping: camping at Tidal River is great fun, and I have done if a few times over my lifetime. However, it is really important to book early, as key times (e.g. public holidays, Christmas/school holidays) are often booked out well in advance. Additionally, remember to keep your food in the car/off the ground and out of your tents, otherwise the wombats will investigate. This is well signed throughout the campsite, however it can often slip your mind. I have experienced this in the past, leaving a banana in the tent and having a midnight wombat visitor bite a hole through my tent.
  • Bring your supplies: If you’re staying in Tidal River, or nearby (e.g. Sandy Point), the supermarket options are limited to 2 small general stores with overpriced food. It would be advisable to bring some of your food along or purchase is along the way (e.g. Inverloch).

Further Info:

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