The Big Drift – Wilsons Prom’s Hidden Secret

The Big Drift is one of the lesser-known Wilsons Promontory destinations, however we think it’s a must see! Think vast, undulating, white sand dunes framed by dense greenery! We have had multiple adventures both together, and solo, down at Wilsons Prom, with some highlights and recommendations from our most recent trip located here for those interested!

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Whilst the hikes and beaches of The Prom were a particular highlight, The Big Drift provided something a little different. Climbing up to the dunes you will feel immediately transported to another place. The desert like layout makes a stunning backdrop for pictures, so be prepared for lots of great shots!

How to get there:

This is an important point to consider, as the entrace is very inconspicuous. Google maps should help you out, however it’s not well signed. Located immediately after the Wilsons Prom park entrance on the right, the walking track begins at the Old Stockyards.

The hike:

Be prepared to hike to get the reward. It’s a ~2km hike to get down to the dunes (4km round trip). The hike itself is mostly flat and not particularly scenic. Importantly, within the first few 100 metres, there will be a fork in the path, take the left option. The final part of the hike is hard! Be prepard to climb a few undulating hills and then a 50-100m sand dune on a decent incline. If you have mobility issues, this is a consideration.

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Further considerations:

There are no bathroom facilities, drinking taps or rubbish bins at The Big Drift, so be prepared before you go and take waste with you. Additionally, the dunes all look very similar, with no signs for the entry/exit. I can imagine it would be easy to get disorientated if you walk a decent way down to the park, so make sure you either mark your path, or keep a good idea of where you have travelled in relation to the entry. Finally, when we ventured down it was quite windy, and I have heard others report the same.

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