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The Mornington Peninsula has so many gems, including one of our favourite walks, Bushrangers Bay! It was a ‘local secret’ for many years, but social media has seen it’s popularity rise, and for good reason.. it’s beautiful!

Bushrangers Bay is located 1.5 hours south-east of Melbourne, approximately 30minutes away from Red Hill and Dromana, and 10minutes from Cape Schanck. This distance makes it perfect for a day trip, and easy to combine with other popular Mornington Peninsula favourites (e.g. beaches, wineries etc).

The walk is approximately 2.5kms with mild undulation and a moderate incline of steps at the end. This should take you between 30-60 minutes, and while the walk is suitable for most, the stairs at the end are a reasonable effort. We would also recommend suitable footwear as the walk. However, the effort to get there will be worth it! You will be treated to wildlife along the walk, a secluded bay (often not suitable/safe for swimming), rockpools and more.

When is the best time to go?

We have been multiple times, and typically go earlier in the morning, and follow up with a coffee or visit to the red hill wineries afterwards.

  • We recommend The Morning: beat the crowd, more of a chance to see kangaroos, and have the place more to yourself. However, all times of the day will still be a good time.
  • Whilst this is a great trip on a nice weather day, going on a rain-free winter day can also be a great day trip and adventure.
  • Consider the tides.. if you want to swim on the ‘insta-famed’ rockpools, you will need the tide to be out, so check this in advance.
Quick Tips for Bushrangers Bay:
  • Parking: there is minimal parking at Bushrangers Bay, and it can get quite busy on weekends/public holidays. I would recommend to get there in the morning, ideally earlier than later, otherwise you might end up parking on the edge of the road which is an extra walk and unsafe.
  • Safety: the walk itself is very safe, and at a beginner-intermediate level. However, the beach, cliffs and rockpools are much less safe. The beach isn’t patrolled/supervised and has dangerous currents, thus swimming isn’t recommended. The cliffs and rock platforms aren’t safe, so as always, use caution as people have been known to be swept off with larger waves when the tide is in. We would always urge extreme caution on the rocks, especially if the tide has come in. Additionally, with the minimal parking, the road is often your best parking spot, however walking down to get to the start of the track can be a little unsafe.
  • Bathroom Facilities: There are no bathroom facilities at the entrance or down at the beach, so be prepared.
  • The Environment: Bushrangers Bay is a beautiful natural sanctuary, and it should be kept this way. You will encounter native animals, primarily Kangaroos (as seen above) along the walking track (if you go early enough). Respect them, and they will leave you alone. Similarly, take your rubbish with you!
  • Google Maps may lead astray: When putting in the directions to your maps, select the ‘Bushrangers Bay Carpark’, as sometimes you can get taken to a different location without the walking track entrance.

Overall, have fun, and enjoy one of our favourite places on the Mornington Peninsula!

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