5 unique attractions on the Mornington Peninsula you should check out!

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The Mornington Peninsula is becoming a great day trip and getaway location in Victoria, partly due to it’s excellent proximity to Melbourne (around 1-2 hour drive). Additionally, The Peninsula offers a multitude of unique and incredible attractions to check out. This article focuses on 5 of the more unique options to check out on the Mornington Peninsula, however if you are looking for a complete guide see the links at the end of this article.

5 great unique attractions on the Mornington Peninsula

The Pillars – Mount Martha

Mediterranean cliff jumping vibes in Melbourne? This is definitely unique! While not a ‘local secret’ anymore thanks to social media (and travel bloggers like us), this is definitely one of those locations that ticks the ‘unique’ attraction box. While you need to take safety precautions, consider a visit to the Pillars. See more here.

Red Hill Wineries

The region of Red Hill offers some wonderful cooler climate wines! Visiting these wineries offers not only excellent vinos but also great hospitality and accommodation options (see below). A few of our favourite wineries are listed below!

  • T’Gallant
  • Tucks Ridge
  • Green Olive
  • Red Hill Estate

See some more wineries in Red Here here!

Bushrangers Bay – Rockpools

Another ‘hidden gem’ on the Peninsula that is gaining popularity. Bushrangers Bay is located in Flinders, and boast a beautiful nature walk, secluded bay, and during low tides… impressive rockpools. This is definitely a unique attraction worth checking out, however, consideration needs to be given to the safety (non-patrolled beach) and tide times (if it’s high tide you won’t have rockpools). Read more about Bushrangers Bay here.

Point Nepean

This national park at the end of the peninsula (past Portsea) is a great spot to explore. Originally defense force fortifications during the world war periods, it is now a national park with walks, history and cute little beach coves to explore. It’s a great spot to walk (or catch the shuttle bus). This is definitely a unique attraction in Victoria, and offers up some beautiful views!

Arthurs Seat

The highest elevation point on the Mornington Peninsula offers exceptional views of the bay. Head to Arthurs Seat for the views, explore the beautiful gardens (Seawinds Gardens), and consider the other nearby attractions like the Eagle Chairlift or the nearby Ashcombe Maze (great family activity). We love the view and some of the walks the branch off from the Seawinds Gardens. It’s also well placed to add onto a stop in Dromana or Red Hill.

Want to stay on the Mornington Peninsula?

Why not make it a weekend or night away! There are so many great options for accommodation, ranging from luxury winery stays through to cute tiny houses and cabins. Take a look at a few of our top picks below:

Winery Stay:
Something a bit different:

See more options here or check out the map below:


Want a tour on the Mornington Peninsula?

Perhaps you’d prefer a pre-organized tour or activity? There’s heaps of great options, and a few good ones are listed below to consider:

Want to see some more Mornington Peninsula guides?

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