Drone Diaries #17: The Pillars in Mt Martha

the pillars mt martha mornington peninsula hidden gem

The Mornington Peninsula coastline is simply stunning, and we regularly have to remind ourselves how lucky we are to live nearby. Over summer we often spend weekends down on the Peninsula, enjoying the beaches and many attractions.

the pillars mt martha mornington peninsula hidden gem

The Pillars, a series of stone cliffs where you can jump into the crystal clear waters below, was once a ‘hidden gem’ on the Mornington Peninsula. Up until around 10 years ago, this was only known about by the ‘locals’, however social media has cause this place to become extremely popular. The appeal is obvious, as seen in the photos below, with stunning clear water that reminds you of Mediterranean beaches. This was one of the top places we were keen to shoot some drone footage when we purchased our aerial companion. Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

Please note: the Pillars isn’t patrolled, and the cliffs can be dangerous. It is located along a busy highway with no parking, and alcohol is prohibited. There are no bathroom facilities and you need to take any rubbish home with you!

Would you swim here?

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