10 islands to fuel your travel inspiration.. including 4 of our favourites!

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There’s something about an island getaway. Maybe it’s that islands are often a little harder to reach, so you feel more satisfaction upon arriving at the destination? Perhaps it’s because they often contain some of the best beaches in the world? Or even that there a generally less tourists than the mainland? Possibly it is even due to something locals often refer to as ‘island living’, describing a slower paced, more relaxed feeling and lifestyle? Whatever the reasons.. islands are some of our favourite destinations for holidays! This article covers off 4 of our favourite islands in the world, along with 6 other islands we can’t wait to visit! Make sure to share your favourite island locations with us in the comments below!

4 of our favourite islands around the world!

Nusa Lembongan [Indonesia]:

Our stay on the small Indonesian island of Nusa Lembongan will go down as one of our favourite holidays to date. The relaxed atmosphere, friendly locals, beautiful beaches, wonderful beach bars/restaurants and budget friendly nature will definitely have us return! If you are looking to visit Bali, consider adding a short stay on the lovely Nusa Lembongan! See our guide to this little paradise here!

Vis Island [Croatia]:

We spent an unforgettable week on Vis, one of the most picturesque Croatian islands! Located around 3 hours via ferry from Split, Vis is less popular than the well known Hvar and Brac. However, it offers incredible waters, amazing food, great day trips, and a slower pace with less tourists. We stayed by the harbour, swam every day, ate fresh seafood at the restaurant downstairs, and had day trips to incredible beaches. See why we loved Vis Island here.

Antiparos Island [Greece]:

Greek islands with a local feel? Tick! Less tourists? Tick! Bougainvillea lining the streets, cafes and bars? Tick! Friendly locals? Tick! Antiparos gave us a taste of where the Greeks would visit on holiday. We visited for one day from the larger and more well known Paros, and instantly feel in love with the slower pace and charm of Antiparos. While we have only visited 4 or 5 of the main Greek islands, our visit to the smaller Antiparos has really got us salivating to visit even more untouched islands in this region. See our thoughts on Antiparos here!

Isla Mujeres [Mexico]:

The little island located off the coast of Mexico near popular destinations of Cancun, Playa del Carmen and Tulum is truly a paradise. We have both visited this island separately, Ky for a day trip and Tess for multiple nights. The island has some of the clearest water we have ever seen! It fits the vibe for those party animals, but also those that want to relax by the beach, offering something for everyone!

We could have easily recommended other paradise locations and islands such as Bali, Brac, Sicily, Macau, Cozumel, Koh Samui and more.. but the locations above topped our list of island destinations we have visited. Read on for our wanderlust island destinations below.

6 islands around the world that we can’t wait to visit!

Note: we haven’t visited these idyllic islands as yet, but we are hoping to in the not that distant future. The pictures below aren’t ours (sources from Unsplash.com) but hopefully we can take our own shots of these locations in the future! If you have visited, we’d love your tips (message us or comment below).

Lofoten Islands [Norway]:

Think hard to reach locations, incredible views, hiking, empty beaches, clear skies and endless summers. The Lofoten Islands are high on our travel bucket list and we are hoping to reach them within the next few years. We are drawn to the incredible views, hikes, and long summer days (literally up to 22-24hrs of sunlight). However, we have heard it’s hard to reach and quite expensive. Worth it right? Would you visit Lofoten Islands?

Mallorca [Spain]:

This Spanish island has been on our list for awhile, and the more social media posts we see, the more we can’t wait to visit. We are drawn to the incredible coastline, the relaxed nature, and it’s quite easy to reach from nearby destinations. We haven’t booked any time to head hear yet, but it won’t be hard to twist our arms.

Socotra [Yemen]:

Okay, this is a little random. However, when you see the pictures below (and search up a few Instagram reels), you will understand why. Socotra is the definition of untouched paradise, however, it is incredibly hard to reach. You need to book a formal tour to the island, and the country of Yemen is considered a little unsafe to visit. We urge you to do your research before visiting, however if you want to bring us along with you, we are more than keen!

Zanzibar [Tanzania]:

This African paradise has been on our travel bucket list for awhile. The beaches and relaxed nature of the island, coupled with friends giving rave reviews, have put Zanzibar high on our list! However, it’s hard to reach and not a cheap destination. These barriers will only make it sweeter when we finally do visit Zanzibar!

Madeira [Portugal]:

The ‘Hawaii of Europe’ is a small archipelago of Portuguese territory (but located off the coast of Africa). With their own microclimate, this tropical region is breath-taking views, and is much more untouched than other parts of Europe. It’s one high on our list!

Lombok [Indonesia]:

Lombok is the increasingly popular tropical island that is rivalling Bali. Located nearby to Bali (and another of our favourites, Nusa Lembongan), Lombok appears to offer a lot of what Bali does, but with less tourists and more authenticity. This is a nearby Asian destination that we will likely visit in the coming years due to it’s ease of access from Australia.

Lombok – Image from Unsplash.com

The list barely scratches the surfaces, with islands like Sardinia, Faroe Islands, Malta, Gili Meno, Cyprus, Milos, Iceland, Gotland, Paxos, and many of the Indonesian and Philippines islands all places we would love to see.

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