A Tour of Kings College – Cambridge, UK

Kings college cambridge

Our travels took us to Cambridge, a town north of London. The purpose of the stop was to visit Tess’s brother who had been overseas studying since 2020. The reunion and family moments were so wholesome, with many happy tears, but that isn’t the focus of this blog.

We were pleasantly surprised by Cambridge, with the old English university town home to 31 different colleges. The colleges of Cambridge are often very prestigious, and some of them stunningly impressive in their architecture and gardens. The college that truly blew our minds was ‘Kings College’, one of the most grandiose. We were lucky enough to have Tess’s brother know some fellows who could give us a tour through the impressive campus, gardens and chapels. Check out some of the stunning photos below.

The true highlight was when we were able to climb onto the roof of the Kings College chapel. This is something that can only be done when accompanied by a Kings College fellow, and an experience we will forever be grateful for.


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