The best views in Edinburgh

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Edinburgh was one of the most impressive big cities we visited, boasting a stunning old town, a castle perched on the hill, and numerous other attractions. When visiting a new city, we love to check out view points in the city, and Edinburgh has so many great spots! During our multiday stay we sourced out some of the very best free views in Edinburgh, listing them below for you to check out when you visit!

The best views in Edinburgh

The Vennel View Point:

This was one of our favourite views in the city, offering excellent views of the Edinburgh Castle. Head to Grassmarket, turn left at the Fiddlers Arms pub, and head up towards Tefler Wall. As you ascend the stairs, make sure you turn around and appreciate the stunning views.

The 7th Floor of the National Scottish Museum:

The National Scottish Museum is one of the great free attractions in Edinburgh. One of the most impressive part of the museum is the 7th floor terrace. We stumbled upon this terrace and were instantly blown away by the panoramic views of the city. You can see the old town and Edinburgh Castle very well from here!

Holyrood Park from Salisbury Crags:

Exploring Holyrood Park was one of our favourite parts of visiting Edinburgh. While there are many impressive views of rolling hills in the park, the best part is undoubtedly the panoramic scenes of Edinburgh old town. The walk here is around 30-45 minutes from the old town, but we think it’s worth it! See more about Holyrood Park here!

Calton Hill:

Calton Hill sits at the edge of the city on the ‘New Town’ side. This hill is home to monuments and museums, also boasting one of the best views of the city. It is very popular at sunset, where you get views of the city and the sun dropping behind the castle.

East Princess Street Gardens:

The gardens themselves are very beautiful, and worth walking through. However, the most impressive part of the gardens are their views of the old town and Edinburgh Castle. Located on the opposite side of the railway from the Royal Mile, this park is worth walking through!

Grassmarket Near Fiddlers Arms:

Located in a similar place to the Vennel View point, head to the end of the Grassmarkets and simply look up! The view of the Edinburgh Castle is excellent!

Regent Road near Old Royal High School:

We stumbled upon this view as we headed into town from our accommodation. As you walk up Regent Road, you will past the old Royal High School. If you look to the left, you will see the Edinburgh old town skyline. This is only a short walk further than Calton Hill, and a good addition to those seeking out the best views of the city.

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