8 of Our Favourite Food Markets Around Europe

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One of the best parts about visiting a new city is trying the local food. We often find some of the best budget friendly and authentic food can be found in the street markets. You also get access to a wonderful range of multicultural cuisines! We have visited dozens of food and street markets around Europe, and will provide a list of our favourite ones below. We enjoy a good range of food options, a good ‘vibe’ and atmosphere, and even better if the markets have a good range of food and non-food stalls. We found cities like Copenhagen, London and Barcelona had a multitude of excellent street markets, while Italy had numerous amazing food markets to visit!

Our favourite food markets around Europe

Reffen Food Market – Copenhagen:

One of the top food markets in Europe in one of our favourite cities in Europe! Reffen Food Market is situated in the Refshaleøen district of Copenhagen, an industrial area close to the water. Made up of old shipping containers, this urban style food market has so many great multicultural and Danish food options to try! A must when you visit Copenhagen!

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Borough Market – London:

Located in the heart of London (5 minutes from London Bridge), Borough Market has serious history being over 1000 years old! The food is excellent, with many diverse and multicultural offerings! We absolutely loved the Ginger Pig sausage rolls (don’t miss these!). While London had some great food markets, Borough Market was definitely our favourite and one of our top things to do in the city!

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Mercato Centrale Firenze – Florence:

Italy has so many great food markets, and Mercato Centrale is one of the very best! Located a short walk from the heart of Florence, this bustling market will allow you to taste some of the very best Italian delights. Think freshly made pasta to order, overflowing deli’s, seafood and much more! Our top tip.. head there for lunch, as the market closes in the afternoon and the evening version upstairs is underwhelming.

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Time Out Market – Lisbon:

Another favourite of ours in another of our top cities in Europe! Lisbon is an amazing city with so much culture, great architecture, day trips and of course excellent food! The Time Out Market in Lisbon has excellent food offerings, most made fresh to order. We visited multiple times during our stay in Lisbon, and recommend you must get freshly baked Pastel de Nata and try some Ginjinha, a Portuguese cherry liquor.

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Food Hallen – Amsterdam:

Amsterdam, the ‘Venice of the North’! The picturesque canal city has so many great things to offer, including some of Europe’s best coffee! It also is home to one of our favourite food markets, Food Hallen! An upmarket, vibrant market with great food offerings, we definitely recommend you head here if you’re visiting Amsterdam!

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Camden Market – London:

The eclectic Camden Market was another of our favourites in London. Located a short train ride from the heart of the city, this market offered great food and a diverse range of shops and stores. The whole suburb has things happening, and it’s a bit of an ‘experience’ when you visit Camden Market. Set up inside old horse stabled, this market is one of the more popular attractions in London.

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Victuals Food Market – Munich:

Munich, the home of Oktoberfest, beer halls, lots of history, and.. a great food market! Victuals Food Market is an outdoor food market that runs every day except on Sundays and public holidays in the centre of Munich. With top quality produce and an outdoor beer garden, this food market is definitely work checking out!

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Mercado de La Boqueria – Barcelona:

This bustling market is one of the top tourist attractions in Barcelona! Filled with tropical fruit stalls, freshly shaved Spanish ham (jamon), nuts and candy, plus food made to order.. it’s definitely an experience to have in Barcelona! While quite ‘touristy’, we definitely enjoyed our visit and would recommend it to others!

Others we enjoyed? We loved many of the food markets around Europe, but particularly enjoyed Shambles Market in York, Mercato di Rialto (Rialto Market) in Venice, the beachside market in Hornbaek, food markets in Edinburgh, Cambridge Market, and many more. Share with us below any of your favourite food markets in Europe, or around the world, that you think we should check out!

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