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8 of Our Favourite Food Markets Around Europe

One of the best parts about visiting a new city is trying the local food. We often find some of

Granada spain andulucia tapas spanish

Are cities in Europe Overrated or Underrated?

Europe is home to so many impressive cities filled with culture and amazing attractions. Tourists flock towards famous cities like

Borough market london uk street food

Food Markets of London

London is a foodie paradise, with so many multicultural cuisines. Options vary from street food to fine dining, with everything

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The Most Expensive Cities in Europe

Having completed multiple trips to Europe, along with exploring around Australia, Asia, Mexico, USA and more, we feel reasonably well

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London, the bustling heart of the UK

London is the bustling, multicultural, never-sleeping heart of England, and is one of the ‘must visit’ cities in Europe. Whilst

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Our guide to York [UK]

The old English town of York is a great place for a day trip or short stay. Boasting lots of

Bath UK london day trip

2 days in Bath, UK

We had a wonderful 2 day stay in the little old English town of Bath. Named after it’s Roman inspired

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A visit to Cambridge – One of UK’s cutest towns

When someone says ‘Cambridge’ you probably conjure up images of ‘Harry Potter-esque’ castles and gowned students roaming the halls. And

Kings college cambridge

A Tour of Kings College – Cambridge, UK

Our travels took us to Cambridge, a town north of London. The purpose of the stop was to visit Tess’s