A road trip stop in the fjord town of Gudvangen

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The little town of Gudvangen, located in Aurland, is an excellent road trip stop during your visit through the Aurlanfjord and Vestland regions of Norway. Located at the end of the Naeroyfjord, this town has excellent fjord views. Home to a ferry port (can catch a ferry to Flam), bus station, and a petrol station, Gudvangen is a great location to stop as you day trip around the region. The town itself is tiny, but has a cute little café, Café Gudvangen, filled with antique furniture, great views, good bakery options, and ‘okay’ coffee (we’ve had better, we’ve had worse). Grab a coffee, then wander down to the promenade and across the bridge for excellent views. Gudvangen is home to the Viking Valley Museum, as popular tourist attraction. We decided against visiting, but have heard it’s a reasonable museum.

Gudvangen is located 20 minutes from Flam, 30 minutes from Aurland and 45 minutes from Voss, meaning it is the perfect spot to add in to your road trip. The road winding through the valley that goes past Gudvangen is incredibly beautiful, with mountains flanking either side, and waterfalls flowing down from all directions. Our Instagram (@2cupsoftravel) followers will likely remember the video we put up counting the waterfalls we could see while in Gudvangen. From the main bridge we could count at least 10, and there were more as we drove along. It’s a truly picturesque location, where you stop in the town, or just enjoy the drive along the famous route E16.

Additionally, Gudvangen is located adjacent to the picturesque little town of Bakka. Located a few minutes drive up the road, Bakka is home to more cute vantage points overlooking the fjord and is a common starting point for one for hikers to set off on one of the more popular hikes in the region. There is also some great camping spots by the fjord in Bakka. Be prepared to stop along your drive as herds of goats may present ‘traffic jams’ as they meander on their merry way.

Overall, Gudvangen presents a picturesque pit-stop along the beautiful and popular E16 driving route in Norway’s fjord region. It’s a good spot to refuel, grab a coffee, snap a few pictures, or even use as a base to adventure further.

We think you should add it onto your road trip, and if you’re driving through the area, we definitely recommend you visit Aurland. See our guide to Aurland below, and we have included some Aurland accommodation options below as well due to the close proximity of the town and it’s good location for a day-trip base:

A few excellent accommodation options in Aurland:

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