Drone Diaries #32: Stalheim Norway

stalheim road trip things to do should i visit

The hilltop town of Stalheim was one of the stops on our road trip of Norway. Featuring a historic hotel, it was a former postal route and now a great panoramic view point. There is also a 1.5km picturesque winding road called Stalheimskleiva this is no longer open to car but has been repurposed as a walking track. We recommend you walk down along here to check out the stunning views of the valley below, and the multiple waterfalls including Stalheimfossen. We visited without the intention to fly the drone, however the views, and the temptation to capture the Stalheimskleiva road from above, was just too much. The shots below were so fun to take, we hope you enjoy, and check out some of our other Norway and European guides!

See more great Stalheim shots below!

Wanting to fly your drone in Norway? See the drone laws here.

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