Drone Dairies #29: Byron Bay

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Byron Bay is a beautiful location to visit on holidays, offering relaxed, beachy vibes! It also provides a great canvas to shoot some drone footage! Clear water, the iconic lighthouse, rolling surf breaks, white sand, and of course hundreds of surfers. Ky used the opportunity during a recent holiday to throw up the drone and capture some great footage. Despite being keen for an iconic ‘over the surfers’ shot, there were numerous other drones in the area, and thus the shot was missed. Additionally, it is important to respect signage around areas not to shoot drone footage in Byron, and in keeping with these restrictions, Ky put the drone up in a different location to ensure no restrictions were breeched. Enjoy the shots below, and as always, feedback is appreciated in the comments below! And if you’re visiting Byron, see our guide here!

The photos above capture the lighthouse and our favourite beach in Byron, Wategos. The following shots show the lovely angle of ‘The Pass’ and Byron Main beach. Also take a look for a ‘wild Ky’ doing his signature ‘wings’ on the rocks.

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