Drone Diaries #11: Balkan Highlights

drone gjipe balkans albania

We visited many of the Balkan countries during summer, and found them some of our favourite destinations to date. The Balkan countries include Albania, Croatia, North Macedonia, Bulgaria, Montenegro, Serbia and North Macedonia (ignore Romania, Italy and Turkey on the map below). We particularly enjoyed the Croatian and Albanian coastlines, Lake Ohrid in North Macedonia, Kotor in Montenegro, Mostar in Bosnia and Sofia in Bulgaria.

The Balkan countries provided us with some amazing platforms for shooting drone footage. Particularly, the Croatian and Albanian coastlines produced stunning shots. The picturesque Lake Ohrid and Kotor also delivered. Whilst Mostar is different from almost every destination we have visited so far. Enjoy some of the top drone photos below and let us know what your favourites are in the comments.

Lake Ohrid & Gjipe Beach

Gjirokaster, Ksamil, Kotor

Mostar, Makarska, Vis Island

Take a look at some of the stunning video footage from the Balkans below:

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