Drone Diaries #31: Cefalu Sicily

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Welcome back to what might be our favourite installment of Drone Diaries yet.. gallery #31 in the Sicilian gem called Cefalu! We spent an incredible week in the the charming coastal town of Cefalu. Our stay was filled with relaxed beach days, great Sicilian food, day trip adventures, vino by the harbour, and of course some top drone photography!

Cefalu is a UNESCO historic old town which is flanked by the ocean and the towering Rocca di CefalΓΉ. This creates an incredibly picturesque setting. This gallery canvases some of the beautiful drone shots from our stay, with 3 differing perspectives captures. The drone was up at sunrise over the old town and main beach, later in the day, and also from a ‘hidden beach’ we visited (Varco A Mare Spiaggia Beach). We hope you enjoy the gallery and as always we love any feedback. Check out the rest of the blog for guides to Sicily, Europe and more!

Sunrise in Cefalu

Afternoon in Cefalu

‘Hidden’ Cefalu Beaches

Can you fly your drone in Cefalu? The answer is YES! And what a spot it is to fly the drone! As with many countries and locations in Europe, standard drone operating rules apply (see here for Italy drone rules). During our visit we had multiple flights, and observed others (including wedding photographers) putting their drones up. Stay safe, enjoy, and create some amazing content!

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