A morning visit to the beautiful Norheimsund

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The charming town of Norheimsund, located on the Hardangerfjord, was one of the first stops on our Norwegian road trip through the mountainous and stunning fjord filled Vestland region. We chose Norheimsund as a good stopping point on the road trip for a few reasons, one, it was only 1-1.5 hours drive from Bergen (where we started our road trip). Two, the town is situated on the stunning Hardangerfjord. Three, our research showed a beautifully picturesque little town. And four.. it was right next to one of the famous waterfalls of the region (see more below).

This gallery highlights our stop in Norheimsund, and we provide a couple of recommendations based upon our visit (including good coffee!). Overall, we found the town to have a very ‘local’ feel, with less international tourists than some of the towns and a lot more Norwegians visiting here for the summer. It has a cute harbour, a little beach, and a few shops and cafes.. a great spot for a day trip stop! Based on our visit, we wouldn’t recommend it as a place for tourists to spend the night, primarily as there isn’t a whole lot to do in the town.

A few things to do when you visit Norheimsund in Norway:

  • Visit the incredible Steinsdalsfossen waterfall: This was one of our favourite waterfalls in Norway (as we saw a lot!) for a few reasons. You could drive right up to it, making it an easy stop on your road trip. The waterfall also had a cute path which wound up behind the fall, allowing you to walk behind the falling water. Visiting Steinsdalsfossen is a definite must on your road trip to Norheimsund or through the region.
  • Get coffee at Kan-Skje Kafe: This little cafe sits at the end of the main street, and did a pretty good coffee. It has a cute interior, and offered some decent prices on food. A good choice for your caffeination on the road trip.
  • Sit by the harbour: We grabbed some food from the local supermarket and set up a picnic at the harbour. The view was incredible and we thought this to be a perfect place to stop for lunch.

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