Our Croissant Tour of Paris

Croissant tour of paris

Day 4 in Paris. After ticking off the key tourist sites we decided it was time to get down to business. And what better way to experience all that a city has to offer by eating your way around it. So that’s exactly what we did. After a few google searches and tips from a few frequent flyers we compiled a list of the best patisseries/boulangeries in Paris for the inaugural ‘Tour De Croissant’! Read on to hear our thoughts and watch our little vlog below to see how we went!


Situated in a gorgeous little area of Paris (10th arrondissement) sits this quaint and unassuming boulangerie. With modern interiors and friendly staff this place was a highlight for us. The croissants were light, the perfect amount of buttery-ness and melt in your mouth. Would pair excellently with a coffee from one of the many lively cafes across the street.

Mamiche paris

Du pain et des idees

An aesthetic shopfront with a plethora of baked goods and sweet treats. After stepping across the threshold, you’re instantly transported into French pastry heaven. While we only sampled their croissants there were plenty of other goodies on offer – tarts, flans and freshly bakes loaves. While the croissant we sampled as not as light as the one from Mamiche its outer crust had a delightful little crunch that left us wanting more.

Du pain et des idees


Nestled in amongst the hustle and bustle of a busy shopping strip this patisserie-boulangerie was strongly recommended to us. Unfortunately by the time we arrived in the afternoon they had sold out of croissants – perhaps a sign in and of itself of their quality. If you’re wanting to check this place out be sure to get in early!

Maison d’Isabelle

Situated in an excellent position close to the heart of Paris, we read great reviews online and went to check it out. Sampling the almond croissant rather than a butter croissant meant we lacked ability to compare. However, the almond croissant was sweet and flavourful, but perhaps not to the same standard of the first two we sampled.

The ones that got away:

With grand plans of tasting all the top bakeries in Paris, after wandering through the streets and checking out the bakeries listed above, we didn’t make it to the rest. A few of the highly reviewed bakeries we were recommended and saw online included: Thierry Marx Bakery, Le Moulin de la crouix Nivert, Maison Pitchard,  Laurent Duchêne.

See how we went with out little vlog below:

Have you got any other Paris CROISSANT OR BAKERY recommendations you think PEOPLE check out? Comment below!

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