21 moments from our trip that we wish we could recreate

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We were so lucky to travel Europe for 6 months in 2022, creating some of the most incredible memories. We visited many beautiful destinations, including some of the ‘best in the world’. This blog covers of some of the amazing moments and memories of the trip that we would love to revisit. These are not always the best moments of the trip (but a lot are), they are just some of amazing moments we wish we could recreate.

21 moments from our Europe adventures that we wish we could recreate!

*Please note: these incredible moments aren’t in any particular order, we loved them all!

A morning in gordes

Gordes, located in the South of France, will always hold a special spot in our hearts. Apart from being a ridiculously picturesque town sitting on the hill boasting views of the rolling hills, Gordes is the location we got engaged! Our morning in Gordes was something out of a fairy-tale, and we would love to recreate these moments. We have already said that we intend to return on an anniversary in the future. See some more moments from Gordes here!

Our roadside swimming spot in Vis, Croatia

As we rode our hired moped across the island of Vis, we searched for a spot to swim. Ducking down one of the side roads near Rukavac we were greeted to some of the clearest water we have ever seen. We jumped in off the rocks on the side of the road, and had the spot all to ourselves. The photos don’t do it justice, but this is a memory we will talk about for decades!

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Easting pasta in the Trastevere District of Rome

The food scene in Rome was great, and we enjoyed sampling the pizza, pasta, fried artichokes, grilled meats and more! However, one meal stands out above the rest in our memory. We headed to the trendy neighbourhood of Trastevere and lined up for a restaurant called Nannarella. Despite waiting over 30minutes, the wait was worth it! We shared the meal with Tess’s parents, and it was a meal and moment we won’t forget in a hurry!

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Jumping in off rocks in Kas

The crystal clear blue waters of Kas, a small seaside town on Turkey’s Riviera, were stunning! Our week long visit to Kas was one of the surprises and highlights from our travels, and swimming off the rocks is a great memory from this stay! If you get lucky you may even swim with local sea turtles like we did (without realizing until we got out).

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Drinking wine at sunset in Riomaggiore, Cinque Terre

The seaside and hilltop towns of Cinque Terre are postcard perfect, offering incredible views and experiences. We stayed in the picturesque Riomaggiore, and enjoyed many moments in the town, including eating the mixed seafood cones, swimming off the rocks, hiking and more! However, a memory that stands out is drinking a bottle of Italian wine one the rocks watching an incredible sunset! Take a look at more highlights from Riomaggiore here!

Singing sweet Caroline at Oktoberfest

Oktoberfest is like a ‘Disneyland for adults’, and we had such a fun few days visiting in September. We visited with Ky’s brother, his partner, Ky’s cousin, and a bunch of friends. The moments we had as a group will always be something we remember, however one particular moment will stand head and shoulders above. We were in the Pauliner tent, mid afternoon, and the band was lifting. They started playing ‘Sweet Caroline’, and the memory of us all singing our hearts out whilst dancing on the tables is something that makes us smile just thinking about it! See more moments from Munich and Oktoberfest here!

Eating local food in the Gjirokaster old town

The UNESCO world heritage town of Gjirokaster, located inland from Albania’s Riviera, was a great stop! This cute town was filled with picturesque streets, cafes and restaurants. At night it came to life with music and the bars were full. We particularly enjoyed trying the local food, and found that Gjirokaster was a foodie’s paradise (and budget friendly!). Check out Gjirokaster here!

Swimming at Oeschinensee

The entire mountainous region of Switzerland was incredibly beautiful, however Oeschinensee was definitely one of our favourite stops! This blue lake surrounded by mountains was visually impressive, and offered a multitude of hikes around the lake! However, one of the moments that stands out, is when we stopped for a picnic after hiking, and Ky and his brother jumped in for a swim (a little too cold for Tess & Tarryn). It was one of those ‘spur of the moment’ decisions you rarely regret! The water was ice cold, but refreshing, and the moment is something that will definitely stay with us! Take a look at some more stunning photos from Lake Oeschinen here!

Eating jamon at el rinconcillo

When we wandered into Seville’s most famous tapas bar, El Rinconcillo, we didn’t know what to expect. What we had was an authentic tapas experience, meeting fellow travellers, and tasty tapas! In particular, the Jamon (Spanish ham), was so good that we will remember it for a long time! See some moments from our Tapas Tour of Seville!

Searching for the best croissants in Paris (and finding them!)

Paris is the home of delicious baked goods! In particular, Paris serves up an incredible croissant! We spent a morning exploring the neighbourhoods of Paris trying to find the best croissant.. and we think we did! The buttery, ‘melt in your mouth’ version we had at Mamiche was so, so good! If we could go back and re-do this, we definitely would!

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Family pub meals in Cambridge

The pubs in the UK are something special, offering excellent food and a great ‘homely feel’. We visited a number during our stay in the UK, and in particular, Cambridge. Whilst a few of these family meals with Tess’s brother, his husband, and her parents, were amazing, one stands out! The first meal we had all together on the day we arrived was special. Not only had we not seen Tess’s brother for 2 years, we surprised them all with news of our engagement. This emotional moment is one we will remember forever!

Drinking fresh mountain water in the hills of transfagarasan highway

Our visit to Transylvania was a delightful surprise. Cute old towns, good food, and fun road trips! We decided to check out the Transfagarasan Highway, and aren’t we glad we did! We headed there with Tess’s friend, Alex, and stopped on the side of the road to explore. The hour we spent wandering the hills, and in particular, along a waterfall and river, are very memorable. Sampling the fresh mountain water is something that we would love to be able to step back into and enjoy again and again! Check out our Transfagarasan Highway road trip!

Dancing in the square in Avignon

Often, the moments you don’t expect are some of the best. We wandered upon a small square in Avignon, in the south of France. There was a vinyl DJ playing disco tunes, and after a local French wine, you know we both got up for a boogie. The moment of dancing with old, young, local and internationals in this random square in Avignon was so much fun. Can we go back please?! (We sadly don’t have any photos of the night as we were enjoying the moment).

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Hiking around Lake Bled

Lake Bled is one of our favourite places in Europe! This picturesque lake situated in northern Slovenia is like a fairy-tale. We stayed for a few days in June, and could easily have spent longer. The day we spent walking, hiking, and stopping around the lake was a true trip highlight. We hope to one day return and recreate these moments again! See our favourite moments and recommendations from Lake Bled here!

Home made soup in Chefchaouen

Chefchaouen offered many ‘instagram moments’, with a multitude of riddiculously picturesque streets and views. However, one of the memories and moments that stands out was our home-made soup from Sofia, a little restaurant tucked off the main square. We were lucky enough to meet the owner when she came out to check if we enjoyed the food.

It was cheap, wholesome, and tasty! See more of the incredible Chefchaouen here!

A coffee in Uzes square

Whilst Uzes, as small town in the south of France, wasn’t one of the top places from our trip, we definitely fondly remember our day trip. We spent a sunbathed morning wandering the old town, and in particular, the memory of us enjoying a coffee in the main square sticks with us!

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Sunsets on Gallipoli old town beach

Gallipoli, a small town on the west coast of Puglia, holds a special place in our heart. This beachside paradise was our home for 3 days, where we relaxed, swam, road tripped, and enjoyed the local food. In particular, the memory that stands out is how we spent our evenings. We would venture down to the old town beach, sitting just beyond the city walls. A local would play music, and we would sit watching the sun set. The weather was warm, the beaches were quiet, and we would turn to each other and say “how good is this”.

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Tuscany road trips to Monteriggioni

Tuscany was one of our favourite places to road trip through. We loved driving through the rolling hills and exploring the small Italian towns. We decided to complete a last-minute stop to the small town of Monteriggioni, and it did not disappoint! This tiny walled town was definitely worth a stop, and we loved sitting in the main square people watching.

See some drone shots from Tuscany including Monteriggioni here!

Spontaneous swims in Hornbaek

The Danish seaside town of Hornbaek was one of the best stops on our trip! This was not because it was the most impressive city, or even the most picturesque beaches. However, the town itself, the locals, and the experience we had, was so much fun! The memory of having a spontaneous swim at Hornbaek Strand is one that definitely sticks with us! See more of Hornbaek here!

Dinner at Sofija in Lake Ohrid

Lake Ohrid, in North Macedonia, remains of our picks for ‘most underrated in Europe’. This lakeside town has culture, summer vibes, is budget friendly, and had great food. Our dinner at an authentic local restaurant, Sofija, was one of the best meals of our trip. Not only was the food amazing, the local musicians that played all night in the restaurant really brought the vibes! One to remember!

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Family Moments in Zurich

We spend a wonderful weekend in Zurich, seeing the sights and catching up with Tess’s Swiss-Italian family. We were treated to excellent hospitality and really had a great time with the family! These dinners, coffee catch ups and guided tours of the city are moments we will remember long after our trip has finished.

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