Why choose Wengen when you visit the Jungfrau region?

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The small town of Wengen is located in the alpine Jungfrau/Bernese Oberland region. This picturesque town sits at almost 1300m elevation half way up the mountain. Wengen is ‘walking only’, with the lack of cars creating a calmer and more relaxed atmosphere compared to the towns like Lauterbrunnen and Grindelwald. Filled with old timber chalets and hotels, this town is very photogenic.

However, the real ‘main event’ are the views! At every turn you glimpse a peak of the Lauterbrunnen valley below. We believe the Lauterbrunnen valley looks the best from above, with the mountains framing a luscious green valley below. We loved just sitting and enjoying this scenery in the afternoon sun!

Why stay in Wengen over Lauterbrunnen and Grindelwald?

We were recommended to stay in Wengen by a fellow traveller and friend who had visited previously. After researching further, Wengen appeared to have all the characteristics of a town we would love! From the moment we took the railway up the mountain until our final views over the valley, we both agreed it was an excellent choice to stay in the Jungfrau region. We visited Wengen in September, and even after visiting all the other towns in the region, we would still choose to return here to stay. Have a read below at some of the points discussing why we think Wengen is the best town to stay in when you visit the mountains.

  • The views! As mentioned above, the views from Wengen are incredible. You can literally step onto the street, balcony or cafe terrace to be treated to exceptional views. We believe the views in Wengen were the best from any of the towns without having to get a cable car/train.
  • It’s picturesque: The town itself is small, but very quaint. The old wooden houses, winding streets and lush green fields will definitely have you taking endless photos with your cameras/phones and ‘eye cameras’.
  • Walking only: Wengen is a walking only town, with no cars allowed up the mountain. This doesn’t affect the difficulty to get up there (the train is very easy and reliable) and improved the experience. Wengen is calm, relaxed and feels a little ‘slower’ than the other towns.

  • Afternoon sun! Due to the location of the town, you get excellent afternoon sun. Whilst the Lauterbrunnen valley becomes shrouded in shade a good few hours before sunset, Wengen continues to receive that late afternoon sun. Sitting in the golden hour sun was one of our favourite things to do post hike.

  • Location relative to hikes: Due to being located half way up the mountain, Wengen is in an excellent location to commence your hikes. The cable car from Wengen to MΓ€nnlichen is the starting point of the most picturesque hike in Jungfrau (Panoramic Hike from MΓ€nnlichen to Kleine Scheidegg). Additionally, it’s only a quick train trip down to Lauterbrunnen, and the cable car or train can be caught over to Grindelwald. You can also do many hikes directly from Wengen itself!

Want to stay in Wengen?

When visiting the Jungfrau region, be prepared that accommodation is not cheap! If you’re on a strict budget, staying in Interlaken may be a better option, but you will be much further away from the action. We stayed in a lovely hotel at the edge of Wengen called Hotel Bellevue. The hotel had amazing views, a great breakfast and the icing on the cake was the hot tub overlooking Lauterbrunnen valley.

Want to check out the other hotels and accommodation in Wengen? Click here or take a look below:


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