Proposing in Europe? Here are 9 romantic suggestions!

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Getting engaged in Europe is incredibly romantic, and it is also what happened to us during our 2022 travels. Ky surprised Tess by dropping the knee in the south of France and the rest is history. Prior to the trip, Ky did a lot of research to investigate romantic destinations, and during our travels, we also kept note of numerous romantic locations. We have put together a little guide below, filled with a few picturesque locations to help fuel your engagement planning.

Gordes – South of France

This is a little bit of a biased suggestion considering Gordes is where we got engaged, however, it is a special little town with wonderful views. Arrive early-mid morning before the crowds and head down some of the small side streets to be treated to exceptional valley views! Super romantic! See our Gordes guide here!

Jungfrau – Switzerland

Getting engaged on the top of a mountain? That’s pretty romantic! The entire Jungfrau regions is incredible picturesque, and there are a multitude of hike and trails snaking along the maintains and valleys. A few picturesque trails include Grindelwald First, hike from Mannlichen to Kleine Scheidegg or Oeschinensee (see below). Along these trails you will likely find numerous locations to drop a knee and pop the questions. See our Jungfrau guide here!

Lake Bled – Slovenia

This charming lakeside region in Slovenia is definitely one of the more picturesque places we have visited during our travels. Looking like something from a fairytale, Lake Bled is a charming location that offers many great spots to propose, include at the top of hike viewpoints, by the lake, in the island at the middle, or in the waterfront garden of villas you have hired. Take a look at our Lake Bled guide here!

Oeschinensee – Switzerland

Another picturesque region of Switzerland that definitely warrants consideration is Oeschinensee. Located a few hours away from Jungfrau, Oeschinensee is a stunning lake and mountainous region accessed via gondola and short hike. There a many stunning views and areas that would be perfect to propose. Head there early if you wish to beat the crowds. See our Oeschinensee guide here!

Cappadocia – Turkey

Okay, this one is cliche, but it’s definitely an incredible locations and truly something special. The sky filled with hot air balloons at sunrise is an amazing experience, and while the temptation would be to propose on the hot air balloon ride, it isn’t as romantic as you think if you’re sharing the ride with others (it’s still an amazing experience). However, we would encourage you to book an amazing accommodation with rooftop views and propose while watching the hot air balloons in the sky. See our Cappadocia guide here.

Salisbury Crags – Edinburgh

Want to have the best view of Edinburgh? Head to the charming Holyrood Park and hike up to Salisbury Crags. You will be treated to a beautiful view of the city below, and it is a lovely setting to consider dropping the knee. See our Holyrood Park (Edinburgh) guide here!

Castello Vicchiomaggio – Tuscany

A stay in a Tuscan villa is about a romantic as it gets! We stayed in the stunning Castello Vicchiomaggio. This villa is located in the heart of Tuscany near popular wine regions and towns. It has wonderful views, an infinity pool, and a beautiful terrace. It is also reasonably priced compared to other villas in similar regions. Take a look at our stay at Castello Vicchiomaggio here!

Gallipoli – Puglia

The main beach in the coastal Apulian town of Gallipoli is calm and flanked by the walls of the old town. In the evening, the sun sets across the waters, and the is often music played from speakers by the ice cream truck above the stairs. Having spent all 3 of our nights sitting on the sand, we can safely say this is a really cute spot and definitely romantic. See our Gallipoli guide here!

A Greek or Croatian Island?

These locations are just about as romantic as they sound. However, we have a little pro tip here.. choose the smaller, “less popular” options. An example of this would be choose Vis Island rather than Hvar in Croatia. Or choose a smaller Greek island like Syfnos, Antiparos, Paxos etc over Santorini. Think cute harbours, great seafood, clear waters and lots of bougainvillea! A great spot for a romantic proposal!

A few more?

A few locations we haven’t visited yet, but look incredible for a romantic proposal:

  • Dolomites – Italy. This picturesque mountainous range in Italy is super romantic, and home to amazing locations like Lago Di Braies, Misurina, Cinque Torri and more!
  • Norway – The list of incredible proposal locations on hikes, with views of fjords, and cute Nordic towns. If you are considering Norway, stay tuned for our guides after we visit in 2024 (subscribe below to stay updated).

Reconsider.. A few proposal locations that might be overrated..

  • Paris – The ‘city of love’ is high on everyone’s proposal list, however, after visiting, it’s not quite as romantic as you may think. In particular, the famed ‘proposal infront of the Eiffel tower’ is a lot less romantic that it sounds (we witnessed this). Instead, consider heading to the south of France!
  • Santorini – Don’t get us wrong, Santorini is stunning. However, it is also heavily touristy and very busy. If you pay up for an expensive villa with amazing views.. then it might be worth it, however you may find it a little more romantic (and affordable) on some of the lesser islands.
  • Other big cities like London, Rome, Barcelona etc. Big cities are amazing to visit, but are often less romantic than they sound. There’s crowds and often a lot happening. This isn’t ‘our style’ of romantic, but definitely appeals to some. We’d encourage you to consider a day trip, or short stay in a smaller nearby town which may prove a lot more romantic.

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