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When travelling the world, we love to visit stunning coastlines and beaches with crystal clear waters. These little patches of paradise form some of our favourite destinations! Locations such as Vis Island, Kas, Himare, Cinque Terre, and Polignano A Mare offered up some of the clearest blue waters we have ever seen.

When swimming in these stunning locations, we often have a desire to ‘capture the moment’. Leading up to our Europe trip in 2022 Ky discovered a product called the GDome. The GDome is a hard external casing allowing you to take your phone underwater. The advertisements painted an attractive picture, however we were unsure what to expect. Since using the GDome in Lake Bled back in June, we have found it an amazing tool to capture incredible underwater video and photos, along with allowing us to upgrade our content game. The GDome essentially transforms our phone into a GoPro, providing high-quality photos and videos, excellent for our blog and social media channels.

Interested in checking out the GDome for yourself?

You can take a look at the GDome on their website here! We aren’t sponsored by GDome, but put this post together as we feel other travellers would find it interesting. Whilst the GDome is quite large to carry around on your travels, it’s sturdiness provides peace of mind underwater, and the large dome allows the incredible ‘split shots’ you see on social media.

If you check out the GDome website and make a purchase using our link we will receive a small % off the sale without increasing the cost of your sale. Think of it as your way of saying ‘thanks’ to us.

Why do we use the GDome over a plastic phone cover?

The cheap ‘zip lock style’ covers don’t provide high clarity shots. Additionally, you can’t capture the amazing split shots you get through using the GDome.

See some of our GDome videos below:

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