A day trip to Gili Meno [Indonesia]

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We visited the delightful Gili Islands in November, spending 6 wonderful days! During the visit, Ky and his friends were based on Gili Trawangan (see our Gili T guide here). However, we spent one of the days visiting Gili Meno, the smaller sister island located in-between Gili T and Gili Air. Gili Meno is calmer, and has a few key factors that may urge you to visit or stay on the island. See some advice and photos below!

Read on for a few tips, advice & amazing shots from our day trip to Gili Meno:

  • Snorkelling: one of the big ‘pros’ of staying on Gili Meno (or visiting) is the ability to snorkel right of the island at popular destinations like the Gili Meno underwater sculptures and the reefs. There are also turtle sanctuaries located off the island. Many of the snorkelling tours will visit these locations that you could just swim off to from the beach on Gili Meno. See our snorkelling guide here.
    – Gili Meno Underwater Sculptures: located around 100-200metres offshore on the ‘west side’/Gili Trawangan side of the island, these man-made sculptures are an incredible visual and well worth visiting. You can easily swim offshore from Gili Meno without a boat tour, however we recommend you scout ahead the day before to know where they are as there’s no signs on the sand. These sculptures get busy from boat tours around 8am, so if you stay on the island, get up and head there around 7-7.30am (or earlier) to beat the crowds and get that ‘perfect shot’. We visited around 7.30am on our private boat tour and had them almost to ourselves.
  • Less people: this could be a pro or a con, pending the goals of your visit. Gili Meno is significantly quieter than Gili T/Air. If you want a quiet or relaxing visit, especially during peak season, this may be a better option to consider visiting.
  • Getting to the island: You can easily get a ‘local ferry’ from the port in Gili Trawangan which won’t take long. Additionally, many of the boat tours will drop you off at the island for a stop.
  • There’s an awesome accommodation option to consider. Want to stay right on the beach? Consider Seri Resort Gili Meno. Take a look at the hotel here!

Take a look at some of the beautiful drone shots of Gili Meno island below!

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