A day trip to Nusa Ceningan – Bali

nusa ceningan bali island indonesia hidden secret point beach day trip

Nusa Ceningan is the often unheralded, little sister island to Nusa Lembongan. The island is accessible via a narrow, iconic yellow bridge from Lembongan. See the proximity on the screenshot of the maps below.

nusa ceningan bali island indonesia hidden secret point beach day trip

When researching the Nusa Islands we found significantly less information for Ceningan than the other islands (e.g. Lembongan & Penida). However after a recommendation from a close friend tandadvice from our accommodation host, we decided to head there for a day trip and explore! We were delighted to find calm roads, quiet hidden beaches, great views from beach bars and more. See a few of the things we enjoyed in Nusa Ceningan below!

A few things to do when you visit Nusa Ceningan:

This is a little list of the things we enjoyed when visiting Nusa Ceningan on our day trip. It’s not an exhaustive list, however we loved what we did, and think they should be spots on your list when you visit!

  • Cross the iconic yellow bridge: this is a must! Not only for this experience, but you physically need to cross the narrow bridge to enter the island. Beware that it’s almost single file (though somehow the locals manage to squeeze past on 2 scooters). The bridge is also picturesque and worth a photo or 2.
  • Head to the delightful hidden beaches and escape the crowds: We particularly enjoyed Secret Point Beach on Nusa Ceningan. Palm trees framed the calm bay, and the water was a delightful shade of azure. There was a couple of photo worthy swings sitting in the shallows (you know Tess sat on these!).
  • Sit and watch the surfers at Mahana Point: this cute beach bar/restaurant sits right on the point with an excellent view of the Secret Point Beach. There is a surf break right off the deck of the bar and surfers could literally jump of and paddle a few metres out. We enjoyed sitting and watching the surfers in action.. also happening to spy a sea turtle in the waters nearby.
  • Watch a sunset: Nusa Ceningan is well placed to deliver excellent view of the sunset. You can see a whole row a charming beach bars lining the promenade. It makes a great spot to perch, grab a drink and see the sunset.
  • Enjoy the more ‘relaxed vibe’: We found Nusa Ceningan even more relaxed than Nusa Lembongan (and that was relaxed). If you want to slow down and relax, it’s a great spot to check out.
  • Check out the blue lagoon: This cove is free to view, and is distinctly blue (hence the name). We dropped past to check it out (and of course take a few photos).
  • Pick a fresh coconut (or order one from a local stall): One of our favourite moments was when our host Helly stopped on the side of the road to pick us some fresh coconuts off a local tree. Definitely treat yourself to a fresh coconut, either self-picked or cheaply from a local store.

If you are visiting Nusa Ceningan, make sure to either stay on Nusa Lembongan, or at least give it a visit. See our Nusa Lembongan guide below:

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