How we spent a morning in Byron Bay

Byron main beach

Byron Bay is one of Australia’s most popular travel destinations with good reason, it has something for all types of travellers. We ventured up to Byron in 2021, and if you’re interested, have a read about our little Byron Bay adventure.

One of our favourite parts of Byron was how we spent our mornings.

Step 1: Morning Swim

Byron Bay has excellent weather most of the year, including winter when we visited. The water temperature is also generally quite tolerable. A morning swim proved to be a rejuvenating way for us to kickstart our day!

Step 2: Coffee

Arguably, this could have been step 1. If you’ve been following along for a while, you will know that Tess and I are coffee lovers (some may say I’m addicted). Positively, Byron has excellent coffee choices, with most of the popular cafes giving a good brew. A few of our favourite options are listed in our blog on “our trip to Byron Bay”.

Step 3: Exercise

Byron Bay is an active, health lovers dream, with many options to get your exercise fix. We varied through a few, including yoga by the beach, traversing the Cape Byron walking track, or a run along the beachside promenade. There are some excellent yoga studios, Pilates options and gyms available for casual passes.

Step 4: Day is your oyster

At this stage, the day is open to do whatever you choose, including relaxing by the beach, shopping, adventuring around Byron (including checking out the waterfalls) or grabbing some food or beverages at some of the excellent options around Byron.

We’d love to hear how you spent your mornings in Byron Bay with a comment below. Otherwise, we hope to see you on our channel @2cupsoftravel.


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