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Shop Ramen

The weather is starting to cool down in Melbourne, making Tess and I crave a bowl of high-quality Ramen. Thankfully, Melbourne is a foodie’s paradise for most cuisines, and Japanese is no exception.


Yoku Ono ramen

Situated down an alleyway of the bustling Chapel Street in Prahran, Yoku Ono has given me one of my favourite bowls of Ramen of all time. With a intimate, homely feel, Yoku Ono invites you in and then leaves you immensely satisfied delivering a broth so full of flavour!

Pro Tip: Book! This place is busy! Additionally, parking along Chapel Street is a nightmare, thus look to park down High Street (or surrounding back streets) or catch the tram down Chapel Street.

Address: 6A Anchor Pl, Prahran VIC 3181



Shop Ramen is my other favourite bowl of warm, flavourful goodness. Situated a short drive north of the city, Shop Ramen is minimalist and simple in appearance, but maximal in flavour and satisfaction. The food comes quickly, but if you’re wanting an extra snack, the Bao Buns are an excellent addition.

Pro Tip: You can’t book, so ideally get there on the shoulder of dinner time (e.g. 5-6.30 or 8pm).

Address: 329 Smith St, Fitzroy VIC 3065


Please note: these are not sponsored posts. These represent some of our favourite Ramen experiences and are by no means an exhaustive list.

Written by Ky Wynne (@kywynne)

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