The best Phở in Hội An

Phở in Hội An

Hội An was part of our trip to Vietnam in 2018 and it didn’t disappoint. A beautiful town which was transformed at night with thousands of hanging lanterns and boats along the river. The people we lovely, and the Vietnamese food was excellent. We both took a particular liking to Phở, one of the more well known Vietnamese dishes. We sampled a large variety of Phở, however one particular dish stood out amongst the rest.

The best Phở in Hội An was from a small shop called MÓT. Sitting on small stools, we were treated to rich flavours that we recall to this day. The broth and the location were particular highlights.

Keep in mind, MÓT are well known for their variety of take-away herbal and flavoured teas which we also enjoyed!

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