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2cupsoftravel 2024 travel plans goals

The start of a new year always brings us a lot of reflection on the previous year, along with anticipation of what is to come. 2024 will be a huge year for both of us, and for 2 Cups of Travel! This article provides a crystal ball into one of our most exciting years to date, as we share life plans and our travel objectives. As always, we love your feedback and engagement, so if you have travelled to any of our 2024 destinations, please share a few tips with us in the comments below, via email or on our social media channel (@2cupsoftravel).

A little reflection on our 2 Cups of Travel journey so far..

2022 was the start:
  • We started 2 Cups of Travel as a way to share our travel journey, memories, and advice to help others get the most out of their travel.
  • We quit our jobs for 6 months of full time travel in Europe, an experience we won’t ever regret!
  • We got engaged overseas in the south of France (Gordes you will forever stay in our hearts).
2023 was consolidation:
  • We experienced huge traffic growth on the travel blog. Thank you to everyone who is tuning in and visiting 2 Cups of Travel! We are constantly overwhelmed with the feedback and support!
  • We put up over 80 new blogs and travel guides on the website to help share our experiences, recommendations and unique perspectives.
  • We said “no travel this year” but still visited Indonesia (Ky twice, Tess once), travelled around Australia in small trips and Tess visited Tanzania.
  • The travel blog became a little part time job, increasing 5 times the revenue generated in 2023 vs 2022.
  • We planned our 2024 wedding!
2024 is time for growth:

We enter 2024 with huge anticipation of the year ahead. We will detail our 2024 travel plans and itineraries below (still TBC planning wise). We are also getting married in 2024, with much excitement around this huge life event!

Our 2024 goals for 2 Cups of Travel

  • Provide greater value to readers and our social media community
  • Continue to increase engagement on blog and social platforms
  • Travel to even more unique and ‘off the radar’ destinations
  • Increase our collaborative opportunities (see below if interested in partnerships)
Our content aims for 2 Cups of Travel in 2024

If you don’t follow our social medial channel already, check it out (@2cupsoftravel) and chuck us a follow! We are analysed some of the areas that we think provided the most value to our community in 2023 and will look to expand this in 2024.

  • Share more hidden gems
  • Inspire your wanderlust & travel planning
  • Provide more local & travel recommendations
  • Offer ‘no-bullshit’ advice and insights re travel
  • Share more fun ‘little moments’ from our trips
  • More drone highlights from our travels
  • Share our 2024 travels
  • Continue networking with other creators

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Our 2024 Travel Plans:

Here it is, the grand reveal of our travel plans in 2024. Let’s first say that these plans are fluid and only some of this has been ‘locked in’. However, we have huge excitement for these trips!

JAN/FEB: We love Melbourne summer, and plan to spend as much time as we can on the beautiful Mornington Peninsula. However, Ky loves a day trip, so we will likely sneak a few into our schedule.

  • Mornington Peninsula
  • Melbourne Day trips

MARCH: Big news! We get married in March! We will also have a week away in one of our favourite NSW locations, Byron Bay!

  • Mornington Peninsula
  • Byron Bay

APRIL/MAY: Without any ‘formal trips’ planned, we will look to do short day trips and weekends away in Victoria. We love exploring hidden gems and this will be a great chance for us to do so!

  • Victorian day trips / short stays

JUNE/JULY: Europe! We just can’t resist returning to Europe for summer. Our plans are detailed below and are seriously exciting. We’ve booked flights.. it’s happening!

  • Sicily – We can’t wait to return to southern Italy. Amazing food, relaxed atmosphere, beautiful beaches and cute towns!
  • Norway – Ever since we sampled Scandinavia in 2022 we knew we had to return. Norway has been high on our bucket list!
  • Lofoten Islands – One of the hardest places to get to in northern Norway but we truly can not wait to visit this remote archipelago.
  • Sweden – Our Swedish itinerary isn’t finalised yet but will definitely include Stockholm.
  • Tallin (Estonia)
  • And more TBC.. ?Spain/UK/Belgium/Latvia

AUGUST onwards..

  • TBC.. nothing planned as yet.

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