What is it about travel that keeps us coming back for more?

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What is it about travel that keeps us coming back for more? If you think about it.. how many other things in life do we save up for and then spend lots of time and money on in the same way as travel? It’s unique! Travel is enthralling, enriching, exciting and provides a unique perspective on life and the world. Everyone will have differing reasons about what entices them to travel again and again, but for us, there’s a few key reasons which mean we can’t help book that next flight for that next trip!

What keeps us coming back for more travel?

The escape from reality:

When we aren’t on the road, we both are lucky to work in ‘helping-based professions’ as physiotherapists. While there are many elements of our work we love, there are parts of working as a health professional that can be challenging. In particular, we give a lot of ourselves to our patients, both consciously and unconsciously. Therefore, travel for us is a chance to relax and escape from ‘reality’.

We have both commented on our travels, particularly when travelling full time, that is is nice to completely ‘switch off’ from work and recharge. Ky wrote an opinion piece on the topic of a career break, alluding to some of these factors (see here). While we do enjoy coming back to normality after awhile, the chance to momentarily escape from reality, no matter how long or short, is a big drawcard of travel for us.

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The anticipation of adventure & ‘new things’:

We both particularly enjoy the anticipation of the holiday, and in particular, the excitement of the chance to experience new places, cultures and destinations. While the actual travel itself is amazing, for us, the build up is often just as exciting! Over the years we have found that booking a holiday leads to a wonderful sense of anticipation, improving our quality of life in the lead up towards the trip.

The food! Definitely the food!

Admit it, this is one of the reasons you travel as well! Trying new cuisine, local flavours, authentic dishes.. it’s always been a key highlight of our trips! We regularly spend a lot of time on vacations sourcing out amazing restaurants, dining where the locals go, and eating our way around a country. Some of our favourite travel memories come from shared meals, amazing ‘hidden gem’ restaurants, or that signature ‘local speciality’ (pastel de nata anyone?).

Meeting new people.. especially friendly locals!

We have been blessed on our travels to meet some incredible people, both fellow travellers, and locals! These shared experiences offer beautiful memories of history, stories and laughter. We often try to make a point of speaking to locals when we visit new locations. This might be a staff member at a coffeeshop, or our AirBnb host. We love working with local guides to hear their story, and learn more about the destinations we are in. So next time you travel, we encourage you to talk to the locals, learn about their story and their culture!

The things you can’t find at home!

Finally, one of the major reasons we venture overseas, and around the world, is to experience things we can’t find back in Australia. We love the amazing beaches, incredible views, delightful old historic towns. We revel in the food, the nightlife, those moments of wonder as you walk through a European street a dusk. You can’t recreate those moments, feelings or experiences at home, no matter how hard you try.

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