Portugal in Colours

Pastel de nata

Portugal! What a country! We will both talk at nauseam about our love for the time we spent in Portugal. It’s a travel lover’s paradise! The history, the arcitechture, the culture, the food, the people, the beaches, the Pastel De Nata (featured in the cover image).. and so much more!

Check out some splashes of colour from our time in Portugal! This is not an exhaustive list or itinerary, think of it more like a little visual diary. Hopefully these pictures spark some wunderlust and inspire your own travels.

Walk through Coimbra, the university town in the mid-north of Portugal

Coimbra was one of the special, unexpected highlights of our Portugal adventures. This university town is definitely worth considering on your travels.

Read more about our spontaneous trip to Coimbra here!

Lisbon moments – Pink Street walks and iconic yellow trams!

Lisbon is a charm, and one of the best european cities we have been to! Hint, it’s very hilly, the yellow trams will save your legs up the hills.

Praia Da Marinha is one of the Algarve’s top beaches

It’s visually beautiful, with tall cliffs framing the beach. The kaleidoscope of beach umbrellas was the inspiration for this shot.

Praia da Marinha

Stop and enjoy the colours

Porto street art that appears around a corner. Lagos sunsets under old bridges are worth watching. Sintra is a castle in the clouds that is something from your fairytales.

Porto street art

Visit Sintra, the castle in the sky!

Sintra colour splash

Read more Portugal travel posts and content! Our Instagram has further Portugal highlights (@2cupsoftravel), and we will post further highlights and recommendations in the future.

For further travel highlights, tips, memories and advice, check out our Travel Section.

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