Moulay Idriss – Moroccan History & Incredible Views

Moulay Idriss Morocco

Morocco is a cultural experience that can only be experienced in person. With so much history, great food, and unique attractions, many people are drawn to Morocco for holidays. We visited in May 2022, completing a tour that visited a number of the big popular cities, and also some smaller towns. If you want to see our guide to visiting Morocco, take a look here!

One of the things we particularly enjoyed during our visit to Morocco was visiting Moulay Idriss. This old religious city was a complete surprise to us, having heard nothing about it prior to our tour. We loved the visit to the small inland town, with Moulay Idriss boasting great history, and even better panoramic views.

Why haven’t you heard about Moulay Idriss before? Well, this town was only open to foreign tourists to stay since 2005. Before 2005, Moulay Idriss is a religious and historic city in Morocco, being famous for housing the tomb of the first Islamic ruler of Morocco, Idris I. It was previously a historic site for pilgrimage. Non-Muslims were unable to visit before 1912, and as mentioned before, were unable to stay overnight until 2005.

A must do when you visit Moulay Idriss is check out the stunning panoramic view at the top of the town. Ask you local guide, your accommodation host, or check out some view points on Google Maps. The views at the top of the town over Moulay Idriss and the surrounding valley are stunning. We went up for sunset and did not regret it!

Getting to Moulay Idriss isn’t as easy as you might think. This little city near Meknes is worth getting to if you can. However, there’s unlikely to be public transport, and it isn’t a β€˜tourist’ destination, therefore having a private guide or tour for this town may be beneficial.

If you are visiting Moulay Idriss, you must also check out Volubilis. This old Roman city ruins were remarkable, and one of the highlights from our stay in Morocco. Read more below:

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