How long should you spend in Split, Croatia?

Split croatia

Split is the bustling old port city in the heart of Croatia’s stunning coastline. The airport in Split is one of the most popular ways to get into the country, and many of the ferries to popular islands like Hvar, Brac, and Vis leave from there. Having visited Split on multiple occasions over different trips, it has given me good insight into the question of “How long should I spend in Split?”.

Split has a great promenade along the harbour, and a charming little old town to wander through. There are bars, restaurants and coffee shops to dive into. The old town has the famous Diocletian’s Palace to explore. Additionally the view overlooking the town and harbour from ‘Viewpoint to Marjan’ is beautiful.

Sounds like there is a fair bit to do? Yes.. and no. In reality, Split is a great city to spend a few hours or a day wandering through, but our recommendation would be to spend more of your time in other cities or islands. Cities close-by to Split like Trogir, Omis, Makarska or the islands only an hour or two by ferry would be much better places to spend your valuable holiday time. If you’re wanting to get to the popular national parks like Krka or Plitvice, then Split may be a useful base.

So how long should you spend in Split?

Our recommendation would be ½ a day to 1 day. The old town is small. The restaurants and bars are okay, but generally overpriced. And the beaches in Split are nothing compared to some of the really incredible ones in other locations around Croatia.

A few little recommendations for Split!

BEST COFFEE: Head to D16 Coffee in Split! This place had one of the best coffee’s of our trip so far! Free WIFI, space to sit and chill or do some work, and friendly service. It’s a must!

AUTHENTIC CEVAPI: The cevapi is a traditional Croatian dish of little mince meat sausages. We hunted around for a an authentic style location and found it at Kantun Paulina. This place is mostly take-away with only 1 table out back. The prices were excellent for a cheap eat and the food was great (not healthy, but tasty!).

HEALTHY OPTION: If you are craving some healthier options, Pandora Box in Split offers vegetarian and vegan options. These are a little pricier, but it’s a good option to have.


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