A day trip to Alberobello – Puglia, Italy

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The odd shaped ‘trulli’ houses of Alberobello look more like something out of a fairytale than an Italian town. This little village located 30 minutes from Polignano a Mare was unlike anywhere we have visited. The pointed stone rooves and white walled streets provides a great canvas for photos.

The history of Trulli Houses:

Alberobello is famous for being a town made up of Trulli Houses. These circular houses have cone shaped stone rooves, and have been present since around the 14th century. The history of these odd shaped houses is believed to be due to when the Kingdom of Naples wanted to tax homeowners. The clever design of the Trulli Houses means that by removing the keystone the roof collapses and the houses were transformed into a pile of stones, hence no tax needed to be paid. These houses are prominent in Alberobello and the Puglia region.

To consider:

The town is quite ‘touristy’, and doesn’t offer much apart from wandering the streets and little stores of the town. Additionally, if visiting during summer, get there early, as there is little shade and it becomes very hot after about 10.30-11am. Tourists will always begin to rock up after about 9.30-10am, so getting there earlier will give you the streets to yourself (good for photos and a calmer experience). We spent around 2 hours at Alberobello and had easily seen enough, so this town can be seen relatively quickly.

Is Alberobello worth a visit?

Yes.. but only if it’s on the way during your road trip. We wouldn’t advise heading to Alberobello if you don’t have a car as it appears the bus is relatively effortful. This cute town offers a unique and quaint setting to wander, but doesn’t offer much else. It’s a great addition to a Puglia road trip, but shouldn’t be the headliner on your itinerary and don’t let it replace towns such as Polignano a Mare, Ostuni, Galipolli and more!  

Should you stay in Alberobello?

We would say no, primarily due to the minimal amount of things do in the town which appears to be set up better for day trips. However, the town did have sets of hanging lights strung up between houses and restaurants, so if you’re after a unique experience, staying in a Trulli House might be something to consider. We have seen some cute photos of evenings in Alberobello, so if you’re interested, take a look at some of the Trulli House options to stay below:


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